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HTML Serena Business Mashups 2008 R2 Readme
Web Interface Issues The Add a User link located on the Search Results page is broken . To work around this problem, use the Copy User feature to add new users.
PDF Serena Dimensions CM/Express 2009 R1 – Command-Line Reference
[/ USER _FILENAME= ... ]LOCK_ SEARCH _ PATH ] [/TARGET_PROJECT=[product:]projectname] [/ USER =userid] [/PASSWORD=password] [/SRC_FILES=(<item-filename1>,<item-filename 2 >,...) [/SRC_ITEMS=(<item-spec1>,<item-spec 2 >,...) [/SRC_FILELIST=[<node>::] ...
B baselining ripple 81 bind 139 active libraries 18 failure 20 BIND command staging 15 templated 15 BIND commands library types 63 BIND PACKAGE defining library type 54 example 82 library 54 BIND PLAN modifying by template 78 bind processing features 14 bind SQL 24 binding packages 25 binds DB2 package 139 plan 139 C
Using Pattern Names You can use pattern names in the path name, as follows: • a single asterisk or question mark in the final directory or file name • a double asterisk as the final two characters Single Asterisk or Question Mark
PDF ChangeMan Builder for Dimensions
Stage Page Stage 1 Check Pre-Requisites 3 Stage 2 Allocate Build Area Data Sets 4 Stage 3 Define Search Paths and TGT File 6 Stage 4 Configure Dimensions 13 Stage 5 Configure the Dimensions Project 23 Stage 6 Add Items to Dimensions 30 Stage 7 Build the Disassembler Project 36 Stage 8 Run the Disassembler 48 This tutorial assumes that:
PDF User's Guide
... ... 15 Business Mashups Concepts ........................................................................ 16 Chapter 2 : Navigating the ... .. 25 Search View .. ... Working with Your User Profile ... ...
PDF Managing Projects
//ARCH.REUSE.REL5.COBOL //ARCH.REUSE.REL5.COPYBOOK //HR.PAYROLL.REL1.COBOL //HR.PAYROLL.REL1.COPYBOOK Example Search Path for Release 2 : Project = HR.Payroll Search Path Name = Release 2
PDF Build Logs
The batch program, OOMLBLDM uses this information to create the Build Control files. OOMLBLDM requires a minimum of two parameters, namely: the Project Name and the Search Path Name. Using these parameters, OOMLBLDM searches for the Project Name in the data sets listed in the Search Path, looking for .tgt
PDF Getting Started Guide
3. Select the Search Path you want to edit a. If you selected METALWORKS in step 2 , double click the DEV search path b. If you selected MICROSOFT .NET 2003 SAMPLES, double click the DEVELOPMENT Search Path.
PDF Serena StarTool DA CICS User’s Guide
0000044040404040404040404040404040404040* *18B0CBC0 4040000000000000C4C2F261E 2 D8D340*......DB2/ SQL * 0000046086818993A499856B4099858685998595* failure ,referen*18B0CBE0 838540C4C440C3C5C5D4E 2 C740869699* ... C5E 2 D7E8C4F2 ... 3C5C6C940*ESPYD 2 PLBHITEFI* 000004A0D9E 2 E8E ...
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