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PDF Serena ChangeMan ZMF 5.3 Installation Guide
Format TRACE[(PRINT)] Valid Values TRACE TRACE (PRINT) Messages written to ddname SERPRINT and the console. Messages written to ddname SERPRINT only.
PDF Serena StarTool DA Installation Guide
... ---------------------* trace=all <-- Activate all traces trace =no_ussi <-- Deactivate USSI trace trace =no_amb6 <-- Deactivate AMB6 trace trace =no_amve <-- Deactivate AMVE trace trace =no_amvs <-- Deactivate AMVS trace trace =amd1_ssi <-- Activate AMD1_SSI trace (Not activated by the "trace= ...
PDF ChangeMan ZMF Installation Guide
Valid Values TRACE TRACE (WTO)
PDF ChangeMan ZMF Users Guide
Audit Diagnostic Tracing Trace output appears in the audit job’s SYSPRINT data set.

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