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HTML Serena Dimensions CM 12.2 Important Information About this Release
Stream Metadata Performance Older clients will not be compatible with ... ... , or Synchronize is not supported.
HTML Serena Dimensions CM 12.2.1 Important Information About this Release
Enhancements to Windows Explorer Integration ... a folder that is not currently under Dimensions ... ... Network folder support is not enabled by default ... If you do not have a default ... required for the item type, you ... For details , see the ...
PDF Data Services
... .obj_ UID FROM PES_Object peso JOIN PES_Resource resource ON peso.obj_ UID = resource.obj_ParentUID ... SELECT obj_ UID FROM PES_Object WHERE obj_CreatedBy = PES_FUNCTION_CURRENT_USER() ... PES_MACRO_CURRENT_RESOURCE returns the id of the current session resource if there is one, null if no resource for current user: ... SELECT obj_ UID FROM PES_Resource WHERE obj_ UID = PES_FUNCTION_CURRENT_RESOURCE()
PDF Data Dictionary
dim_ UID int A unique identifier. ... Data Dictionary Guide 9 Overview of Data ... dim_Locked bit A locked dimension cannot accept new attribute values in screens or operations. Tables in the database which refer to a dimension use the dim_ UID for the reference key.
PDF Mariner 2008 Data Dictionary
They will have fields in their respective tables called cls_ UID which refer back to this table. The cls_XMLName is not typically used when pulling data out of the system. ... MACRO: PES_MACRO_INVESTMENT Example: SELECT cls_ UID , cls_Name, cls_XMLName FROM PES_Class ... This table contains type information for the attributes defined in the system.
PDF No lio Ap p lic a tio n S e rvic e Au to mat io n Pl a tfo rm
The Release Notes include the additional content, features, and enhancements that were added in ASAP 3.2 and in ASAP 3.2.1. Items added in ASAP 3.2.1 are marked as such.
PDF ChangeMan ZMF INFO Option Getting Started Guide
PressENTERtoprocess;EnterENDcommandtoexit. Respond YES to the following prompt to prevent the INFOMGMT approval entity that you have defined for the user application from being able to reject a package: INFO Management can not Reject Packages 36
PDF ChangeMan SSM 8.3.4 Data Extraction User's Guide
Each set is identified by their respective DDs in the JCL. Because the REPORT parameter is not specified, only the summary report will be produced. No detail reporting will be generated.
PDF ChangeMan ZMF INFO Option Getting Started Guide
then the user (package creator) could not leave the Work Request Number blank and bypass the panel syntax checking. He would be forced to type an INFO Option change record number, and there may not be one at this point in time.
HTML Release Notes
Not Supported You can no longer create non-labor task assignments in a task plan. The original task plan functionality for creating non-labor task assignments was less than optimal given the fact that non-labor items could not be tracked outside of the task or cross-project. Existing non-labor task assignment cost data will still be rolled up into the financials (BCV) view and will be made editable so that non-labor costs associated with a project can be modified.
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