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HTML Serena® ChangeMan® ZMF Patch Release Readme File Last Updated on 12 January 2011
HTML Serena® Dimensions® RM Readme File
PDF Microsoft Word - Serena MLA WW clickwrap 041405.doc
12.8 Choice of Law; Jurisdiction. Subject to the Rider referenced in Section 12.14, both Serena and Licensee consent to the application of the laws of the country in which Licensee acquired the licensed Software to govern, interpret, and enforce all of Licensee and Serena’s rights, duties, and obligations arising from, or relating in any manner to, the subject matter of this Agreement, without regard to conflict of laws principles.
PDF StarTool FDM Readme (Updated 12-8 -2011)
PDF Dimensions Connect for TeamTrack User’s Guide
I installing 12 introduction 8 C
PDF ChangeMan ZMF 7.1.3 Installation Guide
CMN4000ICMNENTFYEventNotificationTaskExiting CMN4300ICMNSTARTAttach:U=CMNSTART,F1=ATTACH,F2=INFO,@TCA=183EC000,@TCB=8C 12F8 CMN4385ICMNINFVSAttemptingINFOAPIConnectCMNINFAP(MVS-7.1.2)2013042702.33Copyright CMN4386ICMNINFVSUnabletoloadBLGYSRVR-INFOAPI CMN4387ICMNINFVSINFOConnectiondisabled SER0810ISerNetserver"4"initializedandreadyforcommunications SER0824IAttemptingtoloadPAN#1todetermineiffeaturepresent;PleaseignoreanyassociatedCSV003Imessage.
PDF Comparex VSE User Guide
If the return code from any one call is non-zero, the sum of the calls (times 100) plus the return code (usually 8) is the decimal code for the intentional abend. One abend that might occur is 12C8 , or decimal 4808, which means that the 48th call received a return code of eight. If this occurs, it means that the table named DSPRINT could not be found in member CPXINOPT, which was built during the installation process.
PDF Serena P4DTI Advanced Administrator’s Guide
See "Querying the Serena Business Mashups Database" on page 12. 8 Serena® P4DTI®
PDF Serena PVCS Version Manager WebDAV Server Implementation Guide
components 12 description 8
PDF Serena ChangeMan Version Manager WebDAV Server Implementation Guide
components 12 description 8
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