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CMS-XML ZDD: ZDDOPTS samples location differs from that documented
ZDD: ZDDOPTS samples location differs from that documented
CMS-XML Path for ZDDOPTS SAMPLE members cannot be overridden in the installer.
Path for ZDDOPTS SAMPLE members cannot be overridden in the installer.
CMS-XML Sample ZDDOPTS members still being shipped with ZMF 8.2
Sample ZDDOPTS members still being shipped with ZMF 8.2
In ZMF4ECL 8.1.3 we provided a facility to extract sample ZDDOPTS members at the following location: File > Export > Serena ChangeMan ZMF4ECL > ZDDOPTS Sample Files. In the same release we also added ZDDOPTS functionality that allows mapping of ZMF components to different file extensions using the language of the component being edited. This is achieved through the ZDDOPTS LANGMAP member.
CMS-XML WD4ZMF: ZDDOPTS COMMAND member enable=Y does not appear to work
The sample ZDDOPTS COMMAND member that we supply contains an 'all users' profile that disables both PROMOTE and DEMOTE (i.e. PROMOTE=N and DEMOTE=N). However, changing these values to 'Y' has no effect. Removing the fields completely successfully enables these options.
CMS-XML Several valid ZDDOPTS COMMAND member fields generating ‘!MESSAGE Name field invalid.’ messages
A number of valid ZDDOPTS COMMAND fields, several of which are included in the sample member supplied with ZDD, generate invalid error messages at ZMF Server logon time in ZMF4ECL. For example:
CMS-XML ZDD: ZDDOPTS COMMAND member not working
All options are available to the restricted user despite disconnection/reconnection and refreshing the options. We have also tried all uppercase (as per the delivered samples ) and mixed case (as per the doc). Again, however, this had no impact.
CMS-XML ZDDOPTS members COMMAND and PKGPROP do not completely disable updates to package information.
a) The "PACKAGEPROPERTIES" option for the COMMAND ZDDOPTS member is still in the documentation, but not in the delivered ZDDOPTS samples . This is assumed to be deprecated and replaced by setting in the PKGPROP member, but need confirmation an removal from doc if so.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL 8.1.3 issue with 'Variable Name' not being displayed as coded in ZDDOPTS BUILD component
- The extended component user option fields DO display correctly when using the distributed BUILD member sample . I have been unable to isolate a specific difference that explains the failure, however.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: ZDDOPTS SYSLIB member having no impact on property group overrides
Working in an IDz environment, the contents of the ZDDOPTS SYSLIB member appear to have no effect on the property group overrides applied during a Smart Editor session. For example , promotion datasets seem to be permanently specified regardless of whether they are included in SYSLIB or not. Similarly, wallpaper datasets are never applied/overridden in the property group.
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