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CMS-XML Multi-Group fields not working correctly in notification rules
Steps to reproduce Create a notification based on the following rule. - Any Incident Is Submitted
CMS-XML Attributes on criteria screen for work item notification show undefined.
5. Now login as peadmin 6. Open that same notification definition and notice the criteria screen looks fine. 7. Open the Configuration Module and the Investment Setup screen.
CMS-XML Delayed notifications stop working and do not send
Notifications with delays can stop working and not send if there is a delay notification that has a delay condition that uses a field that does not have a value on items. This causes those notification events to not get processed for the delay and they will build up in the database. The default setting for the Notification Server is to process 600 delay notification events per cycle and if there are more than 600 of those stuck delay notification events, the working delay notifications will not get processed and all delay notifications will not be sent.
CMS-XML Creating or modifying notification rule that includes a user field with many users is slow
User fields that have many users as available selections can cause modifying or creating a notification rule that includes one or more of those user fields to slow down the Application Administrator, making it difficult to work with the notification rule because the system attempts to load the entire list of users in the field .
CMS-XML Search for field name on Fields tab for notifications in Application Administrator does not filter like other searches
The search for field name on the Fields tab of a notification in Application Administrator does not filter the list of fields in the same way that all the other searches work in Application Administrator. It only highlights the search string in the field names and does not filter the list at all. If there are no fields with the search string in the first part of the list, the user can't tell that anything happened at all so it appears to them that it didn't work.
CMS-XML Notification emails do not include MAILTO links to users in multi-user fields
For HTML email templates, the $FIELDVALUE(USER_FIELD_NAME) tag is supposed to include the name of the user(s) in the field AND make each name a clickable MAILTO link. This only works for single user fields when it should work for both single user and multi-user fields .
CMS-XML Notification rule "Changes To" does not work when used with single relational field
A notification rule that is supposed to be triggered when: a user field is EQUAL TO (Current User) AND a single relational field CHANGES TO "somestring" is not triggered.
CMS-XML Notification web service mapping does not work properly in some cases
Given a process app that has a field called "UniqueID".
CMS-XML Notication Rule: "Binary field is Equal to Checked" is not working as expected
The following rule is not firing the notification when the "Update" transition is used. It does fire as expected upon Submit and when the item is transitioned to a different state.
CMS-XML The $FIELDVALUE parameter for displaying the last x journal field entries is not always working
On SBM 11.2 one can stipulate how many of the last Journal field entries will be sent out in a notification . Below is an excerpt from documentation : (JOURNAL_FIELD_NAME, 1) - For Journal fields, this displays the last comment in the specified Journal field.
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