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CMS-XML When no contentStream is read from the POP3 mailbox Email Recorder deletes the email instead of retry
When processing emails, sometimes no content [contentStream] is being read from the mail server and when this happens E-Mail Recorder is deleting the email message from the mailbox . ERROR 26-05-2014 10:50:00 [MailClient] -- Failed to process e-mail message
CMS-XML Email Submit: IMAP connection uses Mailbox Name instead of Mailbox Email Address to login
Using POP3 you will see an error similar to this. The POP3 Command 'PASS' failed. Server Error: '-ERR [AUTH] Username and password not accepted.'
CMS-XML MailClient throws ORA-00932 when using OAuth2.0
In SBM 11.8 and 12.0, SBM MailClient will throw the error, "ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB", when it tries to access a POP3 or IMAP mailbox using OAuth2 authentication.
CMS-XML Enabling TTRecorder while using Client Certificate Authentication breaks SmartCard login
There a few work arounds. Connect to Exchange mailbox using POP3 or IMAP instead of Exchange Web Services -OR- Install the Notification Server and MailClient on a different server.
CMS-XML Network becoming slow or unresponsive over time using IMAP
Only a few IMAP connections should show up. The immediate action to get system running again is to restart the Serena Broker Service (which will also restart the Notification Server) or to manually restart the Mail Client in the SBM Administrator. The long term solution is to fix the mailbox on the mail server or to use POP3 instead.
CMS-XML Dim10: Web Client Inbox not displaying pending item if (project) latest rev is not Pending
3. Both revisions are currently in their initial lifecycle state. In the demo I like to action both to the middle state (UNIT TESTED ). They are now both pending for a specific user (maybe dmsys).
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Actioning project does not put project into inbox of users with next state role
2) Set up a group consisting of two users plus DMSYS with the DEVELOPER role. It does not matter whether they have this role at project level or top-design-part level, as the outcome of the test is the same. 3) Create a new project which uses this lifecycle and action it from OPEN to DEVELOPMENT.
CMS-XML Sort by header column does not work in Inbox
Sort by header column does not work in Inbox
CMS-XML Unable to Delete Items from Favorites InBox overflow
Unable to Delete Items from Favorites InBox overflow
CMS-XML Upgrading to 11.2 clears Mailbox field Mappings
Upgrading to 11.2 clears Mailbox field Mappings
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