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CMS-XML Dim7: Automatic ID generation does not work with RII
RII does not allow you to specify the /filename instead of the Item spec ID where as you can do this with most other commands such as AIWS, AI , FI etc. The documentation is not clear on whether you can or cannot get away with not specifying the Item spec or not.
CMS-XML TT: Trend Report returns incorrect date when using startof_lastmonth and endof_lastmonth
Using Report Style: Tabular(Time of X- Ais ) Trend on: Your choice
4087 N00R 03/16/2004 16:06 GJEDTDQE DC02C12A AEXY XI0U 03/16/2004 15:21 HYQD07 AI DC02CA0A 4087 XK02 03/16/2004 15:02 HYQD07AI DC01CA2A
CMS-XML CMNDTL fails to generate CMNKEYS in a non-SMS environment
ISPC020 AI : ISPF Dialog Tag Language Conversion Utility for ISPF 6.3. Current
CMS-XML IOO311: Job abending S0C6 when concatinated I/P has RECFM=F
ULTIC17E - Prior DCFCT FREEMAIN,A=0C104000,LV=008660,SP=F1 ULTIQ0 AI - ------------------------------------------------- ULTIQ1AI - Ultimizer System Status: Active
CMS-XML Dim12: Rollback problem scenario
CI X in DEV --- item gets populated to DEV - OK AI X in DEV --- item gets populated to DEV - OK AI X in QA --- item gets populated to QA - OK
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.x: desktop client overescapes '(' in item specs when actioning items => COR7700243E The specified item revision is not in the project "QLARIUS:ABC"
2. Attempt to action the item from desktop client 3. Actual result: AI fails and desktop client console contains:
12.25.53 S0015821 +DFHSR0001 ACD2C10A An abend (code 0C1/AKEA) has occurred at offset X'FFFFFFFF' in program HYQD07 AI .
CMS-XML V613 ERO - unable to promote from area lib comp. that were relinked or recompiled from baseline
------ JULIET25 RELEASE AREA LIST -------- Row 1 to 2 of 2 COMMAND ===> SCROLL ===> CSR Line Command: AI -Check-in Approve, AO-Check-off Approve, AU-Audit Area, BK-Block, CI-Check-in, NI-Notify Check-in Approvals
CMS-XML Dim10: Multiple DPI commands returning constraint error
a) Use the return and deploy features of Dimensions in a more "out of the box" configuration. That is have the user perform a RI followed by an AI and utilize automatic deployment.
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