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CMS-XML Reset password form from email customization
SBM 10.1.3
CMS-XML "All" email links still visible on print forms
SBM 11.3.1
CMS-XML Reset button in the email sending form highlights all the users
SBM 2009 R1.03
CMS-XML Clicking the Reset button on the Send E-Mail form gives javascript error
SBM 10.1.2
CMS-XML No localisation possible for "template" in the "send email" form
SBM 11.8 Patch 1
CMS-XML Not possible to add an external recipient to e-mail message sent from a transition form
SBM 11.2
CMS-XML Notes section for -Email Response are not accurate for all form of E-mail Responses
SBM 11.3
CMS-XML Line breaks not rendered in PDF widget for memo field if content was submitted via plain text email
... to a state form and make sure ... ... - set up email submit for this ... ... this project via email . ... Make sure the email is using plain ... body of the email - view the submitted item in the SBM UI ... The PDF widget on the first state form of the viewed item shows the line breaks as in the email body. ... Text submitted via email (as HTML): ... Text submitted via email (as Plain text): - Line breaks are not displayed in the PDF widget both in IE and Chrome unless the memo field is also added to the form
CMS-XML The e-mail widget shouldn't be modal
Currently, email popup is shown within current browser tab (so you are not able to hide it or put it to background somehow), but you still can move it and access everything under this popup. ... 1. Find and open an SBM item ... 2. Click "Send Email ". The email popup will appear ... 4. Copy some text from the item form 5. Paste it to the email popup 6. Send email .
CMS-XML SBM remembers SmartCard login at login form
SBM 11.1
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