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Article Support Platform Matrix for Serena Products
The Supported Platform Matrix outlines the supported client-side and server-side information, including supported operating systems, browser, third party plugins, Serena product integrations, character sets, and upgrade paths.
CMS-XML VM 8.5: Version Manager installer does not mention Eclipse 4, even though this IDE is listed as being supported
The platform matrix for VM 8.5 indicates Eclipse 4 is supported as well. Why is it not showing up?
CMS-XML When opening the repository using IE11, you get error "SBM Application Repository does not support the browser"
The platform matrix is saying that is supported . The workaround is to use Compatibility mode (IE > Tools > Compatability View Settings).
CMS-XML Update RM 2009 R2 Support Matrix to include SP3 for Office 2003
Update RM 2009 R2 Support Matrix to include SP3 for Office 2003
CMS-XML FDM support for Long Table names support in DB2 V8
Following are two tables with long names created by IBM in DB2 V8. These are needed to implement the function of capturing SQL text from the DB2 statement cache. DSN_STATEMENT_CACHE_AUX DSN_STATEMENT_CACHE_TABLE
CMS-XML FDM support of DB2 Tables With Long Column Names
Install patch package FDM which can be accessed by specifyig P2482 under 'ask a question' above case manager from the support page at support .
CMS-XML Enter no more than 80 characters error in tables when end user help text contains longer description
When more than 80 characters are entered for the Description field in Composer for the Application at the very top of the tree an error will be thrown when navigating to that table within the system administrator. After clicking OK a few times you can get into the table but you aren't able to switch tabs.
CMS-XML SRA 4.5.1 DOC: List supported JVM Versions
The SRA guide (page 44) reports see Agent JVM Support table [page 0] Two issues 1. The docuentation should list the supported JVM versions 2. Remove references to page 0
CMS-XML Reduce the number of supported options moduesl
It appears that in some of the DCF*0 tables , the job prefix of ULT is missing (there is not JOB=ULT*). T250963.IOO313.JCL(DCFK0) - 00.03 Columns 000 d ===> Scroll =
CMS-XML DMCM12.1: IDM Integration does not Support some Reports
This release does not support running IDM reports: • With Query At Runtime parameters. • Based on Auxiliary (non Change Requests) tables .
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