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CMS-XML Creating blank db with PPM 10.2 admin tool gives Parameter name: path1 error.
If you try to use the admin tool with PPM 10.2 and create a new connection but specify to create the database and tables you get an error that says "Value cannot be null" Parameter name : path1 and the db doesn't get created.
CMS-XML DIM CM 2009 R1: Error when creating a base database on SQL Server 2005
[Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]The specified schema name "TEST2" either does not exist or you do not have permission to use it. Error detected in E:\Program Files\Serena\Dimensions 2009 R1\CM\dbms\mssql\translated\mssql_create_base_tables.sql, line 14 Called from E:\Program Files\Serena\Dimensions 2009 R1\CM\dbms\common\setup_base_database.sql, line 279
CMS-XML CMNDB2DD, problem parsing SCHEMA name of "SYSPROC".
Customer has specified a SCHEMA name of "SYSPROC". According to IBM DB2 DOC, SYSPROC is a reserved word and 'should' be enclosed by double quotes, when used in DDL. When CMNDB2DD processes the following statements to create a stored procedure, the name is incorrectly changed.
CMS-XML Get "Incoming table already exists" when Aux table name exists but you can't change it to fix the error.
If you create an Aux table with the same name as one in a different application you get an error when you deploy that says the "Incoming table already exists " but you can't change the db name in order to get around the error. ... Press that and after doing so you can go to the properties of the new aux table and rename it to a name that isn't currently being used by another application. ... The "remove publish restrictions" should ONLY ever be used when specified advised, to address a known and prescribed issue.
CMS-XML MCLG: Project rebuild gives error "***** SQL error: Specified database is invalid"
... the project is named "this_ ... ... SQL error: Specified database is invalid ... db"' is not recognized as an ... ... interface to Sybase does not account for the ... ... dbf=< db -file> ... common\sybase\win32\dbunload -c "uid=<username>;pwd=<password>;dbf=< db -file>" -ar ... < db -file> = full or relative path to database file, including filename, e.g. C:\Program Files\Serena\Collage\Project\website.db
CMS-XML Panel SZFXELOM get error 'command contains invalid keyword' if parameters exist
However, from option 2 – parameters can be specified from the subsequent panel which are then passed to SZFXELOM and specified under field ‘Enter Options for PEDIT’. Selecting YES to continue browse will result in error as seen below. ... DATA SET NAME ===> C2377.FBPS.EXT ... Notes: If a member group is specified , a member list will be built. ... 0 Parameters - Specify StarTool parameters USERID - USERID ... DB DB2 - Menu of DB2 services APPLID - ISR
CMS-XML LISTV (LV) display incorrect device type
Problem seems to exist when issuing a single character mask. ... SER006 is not a MOD9, it is a mod 3 ... - Specify StarTool parameters ... DB ... NAME ... - Specify StarTool parameters ... DB ... NAME
CMS-XML DIM CM: /WORKSET qualifier doesn't work if PROJECT without product is specified, if project name is used in other products
Commands with a /WORKSET parameter might return the following error if the project specified exists in more than one product: COR4300107E Error: The stream specified - 'PRJ01' - does not exist in the product PROD01
CMS-XML AddObjectToCollection Web Service doesn't return an error if you specify a collection that doesn't exist
The scenario can be if you use a valid sessionId for a different DB than the one you intended. If the object to be added to the Collection exists but the Collection doesn't exist, the web service does nothing and returns a "Success" rather than returning an error.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF74990: RICD command with /FILENAME specified returns 'Item does not exist'
Description: The explanation of the RICD command in the Command-line Reference Guide, states that the /FILENAME parameter " specifies the name of the workset filename": /FILENAME=<filename>
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