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CMS-XML Field calculation needs a "dummy" value in order to work
x Add Calculation to Current Value when the transition is performed, the value is not added to the field specified . The value is only added when the following change is made to add a dummy value :
CMS-XML DESEN and FIELD parm cannot be used on the same location.
The order of invocation is the order specified . If you want certain fields to be desensitized
CMS-XML When running a Summary report with the Contact field in the display list you get an error.
A column has been specified more than once in the order by list. Columns in the order by list must be unique.
CMS-XML SSM823: Member RESTORE gets JCL error when specifying BLK for new recovery DSN.
CMS-XML LISTC with 'containing' field inconsistently adding asterisk at end of partial dataset name resulting in no dataset names displayed
... 'CONTAINING' field , no dataset ... ... 'CONTAINING' field , some but ... Specify the partial dataset ... ... /PS/ PO /PE/ ... (ALL/P/PS/ PO /PE/PDS/DA/IS/NOVS/VS/GDG/TAPE) ... (ALL/P/PS/ PO /PE/PDS/DA/IS/NOVS/VS/GDG/TAPE) ... (ALL/P/PS/ PO /PE/PDS/DA/IS/NOVS/VS/GDG/TAPE)
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF87895: Attribute-Datatype DATE not handled correctly
... we use some attributes with Dimensions datatype ... There is also a builtin variable/function $TODAYS_DATE available in order to set a default for such an attribute (notation like 15-OCT-2005). In addition such user-defined attributes are offered per some Public View, e.g. and especially in view PCMS_CHDOC_DATA using data from table CM_ATTRIBUTES. ... The string representation of a date, time, or timestamp value does not conform to the syntax for the specified or implied data
CMS-XML S0C4 followed by PDS#302N This DB2 column or copybook field was not found
and PDS#302N FIELD NOT FOUND ... S10K DDELXXX. ORDER --------------------- Field not found ... | ORDER _NUMBER|COST |SUPPLIER_NUMBER|LAST_ ORDER _DATE|_TIM ... PDS#302N This DB2 column or copybook field was not found ... 2) specify data dataset with copybook processing ... Field not found ... PDS#302N This DB2 column or copybook field was not found
CMS-XML S878-10 abend followed by S40D-10 in started task
A customer reported that the following combination of field values on the CMNQCMP1 panel caused a series of S878-10 abends in the started task followed by a S40D-10 in the started task. ... SPECIFY SELECTION CRITERIA: ... In order to circumvent the abend they modified the CMNQCMP1 panel to block the wildcard combination.
CMS-XML Desktop client find item does not perform global search unless project is set to $GLOBAL
Though most fields will search across all possible values if the field is blank, leaving the PROJECT field blank (or empty) will return no results. In order to search all projects, the PROJECT must be specified as $GLOBAL.
CMS-XML Dim10: Design part filtering
... 'FORMAT' attribute on items in order to associate a ... This means that we can no longer use the 'FORMAT' attribute to filter the content of deployment areas. In the documentation to Dim 10 it is specified that you can also filter deployment areas based on design part - but this feature was only available in the documentation - not in the actual product ;-) Since the FORMAT attribute is not available as a way to control filtering we need the 'filter based on design part' really bad.
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