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CMS-XML SBM remembers SmartCard login at login form
SBM Setup SSO + SmartCard with web services set to internal password. Override the Federation server URL to go to IIS on port 443.
CMS-XML Enabling TTRecorder while using Client Certificate Authentication breaks SmartCard login
There a few work arounds. Connect to Exchange mailbox using POP3 or IMAP instead of Exchange Web Services -OR- Install the Notification Server and MailClient on a different server.
CMS-XML VM 8.5.0 - 8.5.2: SSO login does not work when using SmartCard Login button (CAC login) from the VM I-Net web client
This only happens when using a Version Manager SSO server is running VM 8.5.0 - 8.5.2. If Version Manager was configured to use an SBM SSO server, or if the VM SSO server was running VM 8.4.x, this error would not occur.
CMS-XML When configured with client-cert security and FIPS, Work Center prompts for certificate on first request
With FIPS enabled and client cert security for Web services, user's browsers are prompted for Smart Card credentials when accessing Work Center for the first time.
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: SSO CAC Eclipse: Exception on signing data occurred: Key must not be null when trying to login with Eclipse and Smart Card
Steps To Reproduce 1. Install ActiveClient 6.2 or 2. Setup Dimensions CM with SSO and CAC 3.Install plugin for Eclipse 4.Use Smart Card to login into Dimensions CM through Eclipse When attempting to login it throws an exception: "Exception on signing data occurred: Key must not be null
CMS-XML Do not require the Tomcat Server section for HTTPS for client certificate port be specified.
If SBM Authentication is set to SmartCard, the Configurator will require a port be specified in the Tomcat Server section for HTTPS for client certificates. There are 3 ways of setting up SmartCard and only one of them requires the HTTPS for client certificate port to be specified in Configurator.
CMS-XML Web/App Admin not fully functional with Proxy/External Access and a reverse proxy
SBM can be configured to allow non- SMART Card access to external sites using the external application defined as https://server/external . In this case, the Web Application Administrator fails with 403/404 because the root of the web site has been secured.
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: CAC Windows Explorer: Login screens appear twice
Through Windows Explorer Plugin and having your Dimensions Server setup to use SSO with CAC, attempt to deliver/synchronize/update a directory. Expected Result For the login screen to appear the first time so that you can login using your Smart Card . Actual Result If this is the first time you are logging in, a login screen will appear and you are able to select your Smart Card . A second login screen appears and forces you to reselect the Smart Card login.
CMS-XML Filter setup on new module not saving
Filter setup on new module not saving
CMS-XML Investment Setup view causes a script error
Investment Setup view causes a script error
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