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CMS-XML PCLI "set var=value" syntax incorrectly expands file if value starts with @
Consider the following PCLI script (SetEqualExpandsAt.pcli):
CMS-XML VM: Show History / pcli vlog / vlog Date format changes if the the environment variable LANG is defined.
The Date format used in a History report is normally determined by the LOCALE setting in the [ISLV_INTERNATIONAL] section of your ISLV.INI file . For example, if the ISLV.INI file has:
CMS-XML The meaning of Exit Code 1 not documented in the PCLI manual
The PCLI function handler set a status code of 1 if at least one entity being used in the operation experienced a WARNING condition, such as a missing version label during a (multi- file ) Get operation. The handler will save the earliest "worst" state, so an early WARNING (1) will be replaced by an UNKNOWN (-13), but not vice versa.
CMS-XML PCLI: Commands Send Output to StdErr Rather than StdOut
The list of files being processed, now included with StdOut, may confuse a script that parses the Vlog output, for example by using: set -vHasLocks $[-ns Vlog -bl "$ File "] if [ "$HasLocks" != " ]
CMS-XML Cannot run PCLI script using relative path if the setuid user cannot access the current directory
If VM is running in setuid mode and the current directory cannot be accessed by the setuid user or setgid group, attempts to run a script with a relative path (which includes just the filename in the current directory) will fail with a file not found error. ... SetUID mode: set , SetGID mode: set , User: techsup ... $ pcli run -stest.pcli Serena PVCS Version Manager ( PCLI ) v8.5.3.0 (Build 071) for Linux/80x86 ... test.pcli (No such file or directory)
CMS-XML Can no longer apply labels from PCLI script if the value has to be double-quoted
... , if a PCLI script contains the ... 11:06:05 Jan.06.11 [Error] (Line: 1 of file : "ScriptFile.pcli") ... set -vPCLI_PR "//vmfs/TestPDB" set -vPCLI_ID "Admin" set -vLabel "Label With Spaces" set -vFile " ... "$ File "
CMS-XML VM 8.6: Resetting the workfile location to "." not logged correctly in change.log
This makes it impossible to see if a path was changed from relative to absolute or vise versa: C:\FS_PDBs\SampleDB\archives> pcli swl -w"*H:\\ work \chess\server" /chess/server/server.bat Serena PVCS Version Manager (PCLI) v8.6.0.0 (Build 370) for Windows/x86_64
CMS-XML PCLI ScanPDB does not detect PvcsID error / How to fix "Unable to read pvcsid file" error
Starting with Version Manager 8.3, the PCLI ScanPDB command will both check for and automatically fix problems resulting from a bad or missing pvcsid.ser file.
CMS-XML PCLI SetWorkLocation cannot assign a path starting with ${HOME} or $HOME
Can't set the work location of a root to be relative. This limitation prohibits the automated changing of workfile locations, forcing the use of error prone manual changes via the Desktop Client or Web Client interfaces.
CMS-XML Select Revision or Version Label stays blank in VM I-Net when multiple files are selected in different projects
Workarounds for affected product releases: Only work on one file at a time Use the desktop client or PCLI commands instead
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