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CMS-XML SRA removing LDAP authorization realm does not remove that realms groups and users from the DB
LDAP Authentication Realm configured and working - Users imported from AD and can be added to groups in the Internal Authorization realm LDAP Authorization Ream configured and working
CMS-XML LDAP user import/update is sending out notification emails
It is possible to work around this by stopping notification server before the user / group import/update, run the import/update, then purge messages from TS_NOTIFICATIONMESSAGES table before starting notification server again.
CMS-XML S0C4 abends in module SERCOMM when port scans run
Security group was running a ... ... 39:57 END OF SYMPTOM DUMP ... E Task abnormally terminated : Comp= ... ... E Task abnormally terminated : Comp= ... 04:39:59 2: 00000000/00000000_0000001C 3: 00000000/00000000_324 AD 270 ... 04:39:59 6: 00000000/00000000_0000A220 7: 00000000/00000000_324 AD 210 04:39:59 8: 00000000/00000000_324 AD 000 9: 00000000/00000000_324AF4A0 ... 04:39:59 END OF SYMPTOM DUMP
CMS-XML SDA: Use of the word "Add" is wrong when you are removing users from groups
When adding a user to a group in SDA you add them to the lower window and then click ‘ Add ’. However, when removing someone from a group you also have to click ‘Add’. The use of the word ‘Add’ is incorrect for removals.
CMS-XML Deleted group isn't removed from user or transition record
When setting up a group in a group restricted transitions and adding a user to it, then deleting the group . The ts_members table still shows that old group...and the group restricted transition still shows for that user.
CMS-XML Automatically Added Occasional Users from LDAP get Regular access type by default
Automatically Added Occasional Users from LDAP get Regular access type by default LDAP users should be created in SBM with occasional access type when you set the Default SBM User Group for new users to a group with occasional access type but users are being created with regular access type instead.
CMS-XML Privileges incorrect after user added to Occasional Group
The only workaround is to add the user to a Regular User group, or remove their ID from the group for Occasional Users .
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Role Assignments not updated correctly when removing a user from a group
PROD_B:PROD_B.A;1 PROD_C:PROD_C.A;1 As user DMSYS, or relevant Dimensions ADMIN user , create a project in PROD_C and add an item to it.
CMS-XML Logging user added to group is written differently to TS_AdminChanges whether one uses the Web Admin or the System Admin.
Logging user added to group is written differently to TS_AdminChanges whether one uses the web admin or the System Admin Tool. For example if a user is associated with 10 groups and is then added to an 11th, the action as logged from the System Admin tool will only add one line to the TS_AdminChanges. Whereas if the action is carried out from the Web Admin, lines are logged for removing the user from all 10 groups and then adding them and the new group again.
CMS-XML No warning message of losing changes when adding users to a group and searching for other users
When in Groups, memberships and search for a user, check box the user to add them to the group, then search for another name, there is no warning that the changes are not saved. The user can continue searching/ adding users only to find out at the end that none were saved. The save icon needs to be used on each and every user search.
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