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CMS-XML Security vulnerability. rm_key.pem contains private key of server in plain text
The rm_key.pem file in the RM/ conf directory contains the server's private key in plain text
CMS-XML SBM2009R3 Installer leaves previous installation folder
The old folder "Business Mashups" is not being used by the new installation, and could therefore be deleted. However, because it may still contain valuable backup data, template files, modified configuration files .... etc., we recommend to thoroughly test the new R3 installation first, before actually deleting the folder . You may just want to ZIP the entire folder up and keep it safe for a while, in case you do require files from the previous installation.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF105216: When dm_root pathname contains a space then using dm_make to build an event gives error: "adg: : Permissions denied"
enied This seems to be caused by having a space in the pathname for DM_ROOT (as entered into the ARCH file INTELNT in directory %DM_ROOT%\pcms_api\examples\arch\ config . The output and error from this will be similar to the one below.
CMS-XML Only the first valid Certificate Directory from the LDAP info file is used
If an LDAP configuration file (typically pvcsldap.ini) contains multiple LDAP servers that each have a different Certificate File directory for secure LDAP connections (SSL), only the first of those directories ever gets used. This issue also effects the Test button in the LDAP configuration dialog: if you change the Certificate File directory , clicking Test again will continue to user the first directory .
CMS-XML Action list disappears when title contains long value
When "Title field" contains a ... file which resides in C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\template directory (or similar). ... The last <td element is by default 100% wide ( not 30% as presented above). ... so that the <td element shown as last in the above snippet is set to width=30% as opposed to the default width=100%.
CMS-XML MCLG: 5.1+ How to add new languages to CCS spell checker
) dictionary is used because this is the first entry in the mapping file that contains the English language (en ... Place the dictionary files from Wintertree into the <Collage_Install>\sql\lex folder . ... Copy one of the existing <Dictionary> ... elements and paste it somewhere else in the document. ... element for US English looks like this: ... element keeping the following rules in mind. ... Element ... You will have multiple Lexicon elements . ... element you created earlier.
CMS-XML Tomcat components cannot log in cluster - some log files are empty including console.log
file corrupted that results in empty logs in folder ... console.log contains message on 1 node and is empty on another: ... log4j:WARN Document root element "log4j:configuration", must match DOCTYPE root "null".
CMS-XML VM 8.5.0: Despite following the upgrade instructions only the SampleDB servlet shows up in the Web Client
The Version Manager Installation Guide contains the following instructions on how to preserve the Servlet definitions on a Windows platform: ... Launch the Version Manager Application Server Admin utility and make sure the "Location of Netscape Configuration Files " and/or "Location of Microsoft IIS Scripts Directory " matches the desired location for the new server installation (as they too will be inherited from
CMS-XML Out of Memory error on publish from Mashup Composer
•Change a configuration file and add a Windows registry entry. ... 1.Open the Serena.Studio.Shell.Application.exe. config file in a text editor. This file is located in the Install Dir\Composer directory . 2.Add the transferMode="Streamed" attribute to httpTransfer under the ServiceBinding element . 3.Add the transferMode-"Streamed" attribute to httpsTransfer under the SecureServiceBinding element .
CMS-XML Asynch orch failures leave the JMS record and the orch is unexpectedly and automatically re-run many times.
2 Find the file SBM\Common\jboss405\server\default\deploy\eventmanager.war\WEB-INF\ conf \axis2_jms_client.xml and back it up 3. Edit axis2_jms_client.xml and find the element , <transportSender name="jms" ...> 4. Add the two new parameter elements ... to each of the three configurations contained within <transportSender name="jms" ...>
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