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CMS-XML SBM Configurator should warn if a key certificate entry is being imported in a trust store
SBM Configurator failed to recognize certificate with private key if the keystore contained duplicated certificates. For example if the JKS file there are two entries: one is a key entry with the whole chain, and second is a public certificate a copy of what is already present in the key chain. The error message will be:
CMS-XML Warning When Importing Certificate Chain in SBM Configurator
If you ignore the warning and complete the import, the certificates are still successfully imported. Alternatively, you can import each certificate in the chain individually.
CMS-XML Configurator does not import IIS certificate chain
File > Add / Remove Snap-in Select Certificates Choose the local computer
CMS-XML SBM 11.1: Import or generate SSL certificate gives error "not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms"
System cryptography: Use FIPS 140 compliant cryptographic algorithms, including encryption, hashing and signing algorithms Configurator shows this error: "not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms"
CMS-XML CU: Import PFX gives error: the file doesn't contain certificates with private keys
2. Open IIS Manager, and add a binding for https that uses the certificate. 3. Open Configurator 4. In the Component servers section, set the following:
CMS-XML Manual Steps for Importing and Exporting Trusted Certificates to Establish Client Certificate Authentication
Apply in each instance of SBM Configurator . Essentially:
CMS-XML If apply custom certificate to IIS via configurator the next change in configurator results in error: A specified login session does not exist. It may already have been terminated. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070529)".
If you import the certificate manually into IIS, you are presented with an option to make the certificate exportable. If you export the certificate manually into IIS first making it exportable and then import via Configuration IIS tab, you are presented with a warning that certificate already exists in the keystore. If you then ignore the warning and click on Apply within configurator to implement the changes.
CMS-XML Can not import certificate without private key in Composer in FIPS mode
Can not import certificate without private key in Composer in FIPS mode
CMS-XML Fatal errors are displayed after using Select Existing Certificate functionality on IIS Server tab. Error: Failed to determine modified state.
7) Open Configurator and select the newly imported certificate. As a result Configurator imports the non-exportable cert and displays the errors described in summary. The error in the Configurator log is as follows:
CMS-XML Include a certificate in the trusted keystore
For additional information on general certificate import for Serena Common Tomcat please see Chapter 7, Section: Importing Certificates into Serena Common Tomcat . What that section does not mention is the need to include a certificate in the trusted keystore when attempting to access this new functionality.
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