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CMS-XML Global libtype admin sets directory blocks to zero if a LIBRARY(PDSE) is defined
Global libtype admin sets directory blocks to zero if a LIBRARY(PDSE) is defined
CMS-XML Library Type Sort order ignored in Checkout and Recompile panels.
The Lib Type order entered in Global Admin and Local Admin is ignored during Checkout and Recompile. It seems that the order of Lib Types as entered in panels CMNGRST1 or CMNCLRST does not have any impact except in these panels themselves. I would have expected that the list of Lib Types displayed to users in panels such as CMNCLTSL and CMNSTG08 would reflect the order entered in CMNGRST1 or CMNCLRST.
CMS-XML Default CMNSTG08 to sort on LIB for the Library Type Selection List.
If you define a new library type in both Global and Application Admin and then define the baseline library, when you come to stage a component from development for the new library type the library type is not in the same location on the Library Type Selection List panel CMNSTG08 as when you defined it in Appl and Global Admin (CMNCLLT0). This is confusing, so we need to default the sort to Lib on panel CMNSTG08.
CMS-XML CMNZMF 6.1.1 - Audit Autoresolve CMN1077A - Undefined staging library type
The customer is testing CMNZMF 6 NS2 is not a defined library type in Global or Application configuration.
CMS-XML CMN30 scratch request fails with RC=08 when component with library type defined as SD previously scratched from baseline
A package then scratches just the MPC component from baseline. With the Global Admin parm ‘Auto scratch load member with source’ selected, when a second package creates a scratch request for the source MPS component it also generates the scratch records for LST, MPS, and MPC. Because the MPC component was already scratched the CMN30 job fails with a RC=08.
CMS-XML XML service LIBTYPE GBL LIST returning ‘SER6203E Internal buffers are full’ when using SERXMLCC
When calling XML service LIBTYPE GBL LIST (copybook XMLCGLTP) from a COBOL program and passing ‘*’ to I- libType OF GLTP03-REQUEST (or removing this tag from the request) to list all the Global Admin library types , results in a Return Code = 16 and the message ‘SER6203E Internal buffers are full. Request terminated’.
CMS-XML CMN5052A - message ID does not exist. when adding a like other libtype to an appl with SSV
Add a new like other libtype to the global libtypes with the following: CMNCGLT1 Global Library Types Part 2 of 2 Command ===>
CMS-XML No dataset validation running the LIBTYPE\GBL\CREATE service.
When creating a Global /Application Lib Type through XMLSERV using the yellow XML service LIBTYPE |GBL|CREATE, you can enter a sequential dataset with 0 directory blocks which the XML Service creates. Now, if a component is staged for this lib type the STC abends with a S013-14.
CMS-XML CMN1315A - message needs to be amended.
If a Baseline lib type is not defined before you enter the Production Lib Type then the following message is issued CMN1315A - LP0 is an undefined library type - contact global ADMIN.
CMS-XML Data validation missing on CMNCGLT0 & CMNCLLT0 panels.
When entering an Invalid LKE variable in the Library Type definition of LOCAL and GLOBAL Admin there is no data validation and the lib type is set to Like-OTHer when the changes are saved. Here is how to recreate the issue:
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