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CMS-XML EXPM dumps out the request templates of products which are nothing to do with the process model of the product exported
EXPM dumps out the request templates of products which are nothing to do with the process model of the product exported
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Exporting the Design Part Structure from Desktop Client does not work with large number of objects
If you have a large amount of Design Parts in a product , in the example we used 28000, the option to save the Design Structure to an HTML file from Desktop Client doesn't work properly. A file will be created but only the top part will be present. Creating the output from smaller products works fine but we've yet to determine the threshold beyond which is fails to produce the report.
CMS-XML Dim10: DMDBA command EXPM based on product fails on UNIX
Running the EXPM command to export a process model fails when run on a UNIX system. On Windows it's fine.
CMS-XML non-Admin users get privilege errors trying to export items to another project
When non-Admin user tries to export items to a different project, he gets the following error: Insufficient privileges to import item into project < PRODUCT :PROJECT> at stage The Stage ID field for this item is blank in the Dimensions Client.
CMS-XML SSM821: S0C4 Abend RC=04 in module SERCOPY at OFFSET=17CA during Extract/Export processing
PRODUCT : ChangeMan SSM, 8.2.1 DETAILS:
CMS-XML on unix OS, RCI command generates item_list.out even if the export file is specified
d) run a RCI command like : RCI report.txt /NEW /BASELINE= product :baseline_id
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: DEF83130 fixed in Dimensions 9.1.3 Patch: PDiff : error when exporting design parts
Connected to database successfully Generating PDIFF file \temp\titi.txt for Product PAY Dumping POID for 'PAYROLL:PAYROLL.A;1'
CMS-XML Dim14.3: COR7700246E You do not have the "Create Products" (ADMIN_CREATE_PRODUCT) privilege to perform this operation.
or export DMDB=newbasedb@dim12 3. Then run the following:
CMS-XML DIM CM: Cannot create a new product in a basedb
The workaround is to first export the schema you wish to create the new database from using EXPM and then use the /IMPORT qualifier to CRDB: dmdba postgres/admin@dim14 expm
CMS-XML VM2DM: When running the migration console under a different user than 'dmsys' receives error: User name '' in configuration file does not match Product Manager's name "DMSYS" in XML file.
This is a current defect in the product where the wrong user is being used during the PDIFF export command is being called.
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