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CMS-XML Dim10: When creating a new release, an error of 2384-Error: The specified item is not in the project $GENERIC:$GLOBAL occurs
The following error shows in the console window of the Desktop Client: FI "< Prod >:<Item Spec>;<Rev>"/NOEXPAND/OVERWRITE/NOMETADATA/USER_FILE="< User filename>" /WORKSET="$ GENERIC :$ GLOBAL " Fetch Item - 2384-Error: The specified item revision is not in the project $GENERIC:$GLOBAL
CMS-XML Dim14: When viewing Requests from the $Global project, the product:type does not appear on the context menu
Dimensions CM
CMS-XML Dim10 During preserve, dm_make attempts to update most recent rev from global project rather than most recent rev in current project. Get error: Cannot create revision nb#5 from 4 because 4 does not descend from the leaf revision(s) on branch nb
In parallel development when two or more projects are active and branching occurs, dm_make mail fail to preserve some items because dm_make will attempt to update the most recent revision in the product rather than the most recent revision in the current project . In cases where the most recent revision in the product is not the same as the most recent revision in the project then dm_make will fail to preserve and will issue an error message similar to the following:
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF108104: Issue Fixed in Dimensions 10.1.1: Switching to a product-project view where the user does not have a pending request causes the view to not open.
Dimensions CM 10.1.1
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Visibility of items / requests in global catalogue owned by products where users do not have a role is not restricted
Dimensions CM 2009 R2
CMS-XML DIM10: When a user changes the current project in the Web Client with the function "Set current project" (SCWS), the system doesn't change the current product.
Dimensions CM
CMS-XML Dim CM Users with logins of format cannot change stream/project in Web Client
Users were defined in Dimensions and SBM with usernames of the format <string>.<string>@<string>.com. Connecting to the product was not a problem but switching projects or streams from Web Client proved impossible. On a slower machine there is a very brief message that flashes up concerning an unknown user or group but on a fast system this would not be visible.
CMS-XML Dim CM Replicator states "COR0005314E Project type "WORKSET" does not exist" but really it's the product that doesn't exist
Error: Could not create a temporary project on the subordinate. COR0005314E Project type "WORKSET" does not exist This is misleading and should tell the user the real reason for the error which is that the target product doesn't exist.
CMS-XML Dim CM: Unable to load a request and relate it to a project owned by a different product using PDIFF
CMS-XML Can no longer associate RM projects to CM products
Dimensions CM 2009 R2
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