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CMS-XML Dim10: Header file substitutions don't work for user defined attributes
Item header expansion is working fine for the system variables but any user defined attributes are not expanded and you just see the %<variable>% in the browsed file. This has been reproduced this on 10.1.1 and
CMS-XML Dim10: User Defined Baseline Date Attribute Column Header Sort is Alphanumeric
User defined baseline date attribute column header is sorted alphanumerically instead of by date To reproduce : Create a user defined date attribute for a baseline type, with the default value set to $TODAYS_DATE.
CMS-XML DIM10: Request Query in Desktop Client shows Title under User-Defined attributes
Request Query in Desktop Client shows Title twice, once under System Attributes and once under User-Defined Attributes. Steps To Reproduce In Desktop Client create a new request report.
CMS-XML KM-DIM12.2: Reported Bug: Dimensions Webservice getRequests doesn't fetch system-defined attributes
Sending a request to the getRequests webservice answers with all user-defined attributes but not with the user-defined attribute TITLE. Steps to reproduce : 1. In SoapUI create a request for webservice getRequests
CMS-XML DIM9: Defect Reported - User Defined Attributes Missing for New Items Added in Design Part View
Dimensions 9.1.2 - Desktop Client Steps To Reproduce 1) Open your Desktop Client.
CMS-XML FDM782: VMODEL panel PDSMODK2 invalid 'OWNER' field results in dataset not defined
Copy data? ==> NO (YES or NO to copy data from source)
CMS-XML ISSUETYPE field is not available when defining Backlog View
When defining backlog views in work center the issuetype field is not available as a column for the view. Step to reproduce : - in an application make sure the ISSUETYPE (internal DB name) is used.
CMS-XML Unable to update release definitions using services (XML or web)
In summary, valid input to the releaseParms field are documented as ‘C’ (which presumably means ‘ copy ’) or blank. When attempting to update the release definition for any reason, e.g. to change the release description or install dates, supplying ‘C’ results in an error stating that the release has already been defined. Supplying blank says that it is an invalid parameter.
CMS-XML When duplicating an application, the roleselection UUID will be copied and is not unique
When duplicating an application that has user values defined in a user field by a role, this roleselection UUID will be copied into the new application. This can cause issues during the deployment of this mashup where already deployed mashups will appear to have the values removed from the already deployed user fields.
CMS-XML Class Definition corrupts Schema on timeout
To reproduce the error” · Open class definition · Make a change · DO NOT save the change - leaving class definition open · Wait overnight (some timeout occurs somewhere - oracle?) · Make another change · Then save class definition · Review Class definition - notice the attributes are not as before the save · Make more changes · Save Class Definition · Exit Class Definition · Review the project DB - settings are not as desired.
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