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CMS-XML Tabs/sections do not hide on mobile interface when form action is unchecked in composer
Tabs/sections do not hide on mobile interface when form action is unchecked in composer
CMS-XML Common log entries are truncated in composer even when setting maxMessageSize = 128kb
limit is about 40960 (40 KiB) to allow for headers around the message. The workaround is to leave Composer set as-is or up to about 40 KiB, but to fetch records using the AR interface instead, where the complete record will be available. This will be fixed in a future release.
CMS-XML Getting an error when trying to insert a repeating table in an interface.
Prototype Composer 2009 R1
CMS-XML PC: Interface Editor - changing text on labels cause vertical lines that block the text view
Prototype Composer Prototype Composer 3.2.1
CMS-XML Query at Runtime Embedded Reports display error when clicking Show Full Interface
- create a listing report in SBM UI which uses a Query At runtime field and give it a reference name - open the process app in Composer - and add this listing report to a state form as an embedded report (the QAR parameter should get selected automatically) - deploy the process app
CMS-XML SBM Composer, when set dependencies,values list should be pinned at its original place
At Composer set dependencies interface , when you change the setting for the selected value, the values list will always change back to display the values list from the top. When the length of the values list is longer than the length of the view box, this will be a bit annoying.
CMS-XML Composer, mapping field, "mapped to" value allow format "fieldName" causing confusion, mapping disappear.
Composer interface , when you do mapping fields (Post transition for example), for "Mapped to" column, you can select the field name from the drop down by clicking the arrow button, and you will get the value with the format like this fieldName(FieldDatabaseName), for example, Title(TITLE).
CMS-XML WorkCenter form styling incorrect and does not match preview in Composer for aligning fields
The form styling shown in Composer differs from that in WorkCenter and may be misaligned incorrectly. Classic interface is fine.
CMS-XML Preview form of classic in Composer is not representative of the default upgrade to10.1.4.x whereby HTML5 is turned on
With the upgrade to 10.1.4.x the Form Preview in Composer of classic is not representative of the default interface after upgrade. After upgrade the default is that HTML5 is switched on in the classic interface . The Work Center view is a better representation of the HTML5 classic.
CMS-XML "Unable to create EndPoint" message when attempting deploy of imported ProcessApp
If you import a ProcessApp to a system where it has never existed and there are some missing settings in Endpoint definitions, you may get the message above and the ProcessApp will not deploy from Composer or even from the AR interface .
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