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CMS-XML KM-DIM10: Reported Defect: A blank after one of the parameter values in dm.cfg can cause the Listener to die or the client to behave strangely
Problem description: Adding a blank (white space character) after a parameter value in the dm.cfg on the server has the effect that restarting the Dimensions listener service fails, i.e. DM_ROOT %DM_ROOT%<BLANK>
CMS-XML DIM CM: Irrelevant errors in desktop client when opening not VRS upgraded stream using client 12.2.2 and DM_PRODUCT_USER set
2. Set DM_PRODUCT_USER Y in dm.cfg on server. Restart Dimensions CM server
CMS-XML Dim10: After upgrading to Dimensions 10.1.3, the Web Client shortcut on client-only install points to client machine instead of Server
1. Start with Dim CM 10.1.2 client-only. Edit the dm.cfg to show the correct server name:
CMS-XML Dim CM 14.x: dm.cfg variable DM_REJECT_OLDER_CLIENTS prevents valid Eclipse versions from connecting
The variable DM_REJECT_OLDER_ CLIENTS can be used to prevent old client installations connecting to a newer server. However this also has the unwanted effect that valid Eclipse integration versions will fail to connect. For example:
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Find Item - Blank rows in returned results makes Desktop Client unstable
In addition to this, scrolling among these results causes the desktop client to crash. The problem has been identified as a limit on the number of items found, which by default is set to 250, but which can be increased to a maximum of 1000 by setting the client DM.CFG parameter PCMS_SORTING_FIND_MAX 1000. Below are the steps to reproduce the problem: -
CMS-XML KM-DIM2009R2: Reported Bug: Find Item: Blank rows and Desktop Client becomes unstable
The problem has been identified as a limit in the no. of items found which by default is set to 250 but can be increased to a max. of 1000 by setting the client dm.cfg parameter PCMS_SORTING_FIND_MAX 1000.
CMS-XML Dim10: Web client java error when LDAP authentication failed
If LDAP authentication is enabled in dm.cfg file and you log into a basedb (i.e. qlarius_cm) with a user that exists in LDAP but not in the basedb (i.e. intermediate_user), then Webclient (incl. Adminconsole) will show these java errors instead of a message saying that the user does not exist or user authentication failed:
CMS-XML DIM CM: Space after URL in DM_WEB_URL flag causes desktop client to hang
When the dm.cfg file field DM_WEB_URL has a space at the end of the line eg: DM_WEB_URL 'http://<servername>:8080 ' This causes the desktop client to hang if the "whats new" banner still opens with the client.
CMS-XML Dim10: Able to create circular dependencies in the Web Client
In Dimensions 10.1.3, you are able to create circular dependencies (where the same request is related as both a parent and child to another request) in the Dimensions Web Client. This behavior is present even if DM_CHECK_CC_LOOPS is set in the dm.cfg
CMS-XML Dim CM 14.1.x: Refreshing Desktop Client views takes a long time
However when traces of the Oracle session were examined the actual process of actioning the item was quick whereas the refreshing of the open views in Desktop Client was actually slow. There are a number of contributory factors such as having the Changes tab visible, relate items on requests, and having the DM_PRODUCT_USER Y variable set in dm.cfg . Disabling any of these options can help to improve performance but in this instance the problem relates to the Changes tab and the generated query that is used to display the information.
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