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CMS-XML Update transition does not work when using Firefox via https - break lock is shown
Update transition does not work when using Firefox via https - break lock is shown
CMS-XML Can't finish item that has not yet been completed - TT tries to break lock
Can't finish item that has not yet been completed - TT tries to break lock
CMS-XML All transitions fail to complete in 11.x if you disable record locking
Lock for this record has been broken : We're sorry, admin, but your lock on this record was broken . By using the back button you may be able to see the changes you were about to make. If your data has been cleared please re-enter it.
CMS-XML Attempts to lock or unlock any application in ISPF are failing
Attempts to lock or unlock any application (ISPF global admin option A.G.7/panel CMNGBULP) in a ZMF 8.1.4 environment here always results in the DEMO application being selected for processing. For example, I have not yet selected DEMO for any lock or unlock request and these are the log records that have been generated:
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Trigger records semaphore lock and fails in certain instances
When using a trigger there are certain instances where the trigger fails . These situations, along with how to recreate them, are described below: -
CMS-XML Deleting requirements with CSV Import may leave the requirements locked if the import fails.
Using CSV import to delete objects will leave the objects locked if the deletion fails. If this happens, use RM Manage to remove the locks on the objects. RM Manage --> select the project --> right-click --> Administer Locks --> select objects to unlock --> Unlock Selected
CMS-XML VM 8.4.6: mutexError(pvcs.exception.FsMutexException,failed to lock lockable)
Sample error from catalina file on the VM I-Net Server: remote_open - FAIL code -34 Mutex Error file \\PathMap\Directory\File
CMS-XML UpdateWithLock() appscript method doesn't lock item so it fails
line 4182. Resource Msg Id = IDS_MSG_ LOCKS _RECORDMUSTBELOCKEDBEFOREUPDATE The user must have the record locked before update. Instead of using UpdateWithLock() you will want to use the Lock() method, do your update, and then use UnLock() method.
CMS-XML Check in of an unchanged file can break ability to run a journal file report on locked files
In the Project Configuration, under Archive -> Locking , ensure that "Remove lock on unchanged revision" is set. Check out a file and check it back in, unchanged: Version Manager will unlock the revision instead of checking in a new revision. The journal file shows a correct entry, but the journal file processor (Show Journal) cannot handle it, as it expects to find a "put -r" entry to indicate a revision was checked in, but doesn't find one.
CMS-XML User lock can be stolen by Web service update
When using Web services to update items, if an end-user is transitioning an item while the Web service updates that same item, the Web service call will steal the end-user's lock. The end user will see a notice after clicking OK that his/her lock has been broken .
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