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CMS-XML Lock Completed Assignments checkbox in Type Setup screen doesn't hold value.
[Repro Steps] 1.Run this query in the database . SELECT cls_Name, cls_LockAssignmentWhenComplete
CMS-XML Javascript API: disabled checkbox changes are not stored in the database
Javascript API: disabled checkbox changes are not stored in the database
CMS-XML Backlog trend report can give a database exception
Make sure, that report is viewed. 3. Press "Back" button -> select "Show a trend line for all items in this application" check-box and press "Preview" button. Result:
CMS-XML Importing a blueprint allows database name to be changed
marked deleted (or disabled, in the case of states). • The Backfill to existing items check box is not available for Multi-Selection fields. • Some styles options for Numeric and Date/Time fields cannot be changed.
CMS-XML Orchestration Engine Database Upgrade Fails with Timeout Error
check box in SBM Configurator. To work around this problem, clear the check box on the Client Certificate Authentication tab in SBM Configurator, perform the upgrade to SBM 11.X, and then select the check box again after the upgrade is finished.
CMS-XML Unlimited priviledge checkbox is cleared after the Save.
It occurs regardless of local PDB or on File server. 1) Login as Admin on any project database /project. 2) Select Admin/Security/Users, Create a user and select the Privileges Tab.
CMS-XML Binary fields using radio button style fail to have their values set/changed by form actions
" CHECKBOX " ... " checkbox " ... Open the SBM System Administrator and do a "Put Files into Database " from the File menu
CMS-XML Server Problem Detected
Change Database Settings The "Change Database Settings above shows as a hotlink under the error if you click on the hot link and fill out the form presented the message "Unknown errors occurred in the server please check the Mashup manager log for detail" when you hit ok. ... 2. On the Server tab, clear the Single Sign-On (SSO) checkbox .
CMS-XML Cannot set "Save Elapsed Time for Calculating State Changes" for any calendar
If you create a new calendar, using the checkbox and Save, the checkbox setting is not inserted correctly into the ts_calendars record. It is not possible to set this for a calendar without backend db manipulation. ... Ensure you have backed up the database , shutdown IIS and Tomcat before making the change. ... The checkbox will NOT show as selected, even after this modification (for any calendar).
CMS-XML Role allocation view for Users/Groups may not provide visual cues
The Role allocation view for Users/Groups may not provide visual cues upon role allocation and the checkboxes may not have description labels. This happens mostly with databases containing user/group names with diacritics.
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