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Article Support Platform Matrix for Serena Products
The Supported Platform Matrix outlines the supported client-side and server-side information, including supported operating systems, browser, third party plugins, Serena product integrations, character sets, and upgrade paths.
Article How do I register as a new Serena product user?
CMS-XML 12.1 : VDA3201037E Concurrent area updates are not supported at present
When multiple users submit concurrent build jobs in the same deployment area with collection of outputs, then some deployment jobs randomly fail with errors similar to the following: VDA3201037E Concurrent area updates are not supported at present NET4502303E Failed to commit area data for job 25426207 and area UNIT TEST.
CMS-XML Cannot initialise the value array so that previous values are wiped out for orch having a loop that creates/updates a multi field in an SBM item (or any array).
d. If for any item at the end of processing counter is < maxxount then I simply populate the remaining value array elements with the value from array element [1] until we reach maxcount e. SBM ignores the duplicate values If you would like a simple example msd containing this workaround then please contact Support
CMS-XML The VM 8.5 Web Client does not clearly indicate that it does not support the Java 5 plug-in
Caching Error Unable to store or update files in the cache . Clicking Details shows:
CMS-XML VM crashes when updating old-format LDAPINFOFILE (pvcsldap.ini)
) was changed to support multiple independent LDAP servers, each with its own search criteria. Whenever a VM 8.2 clients detects an LDAPINFOFILE that specifies multiple LDAP servers in the [LDAP] section of this file (= old format, used to specify redundant LDAP servers) it will rewrite the file into the new format, with a dedicated [LDAP#] section for each subsequent LDAP server.
CMS-XML Field overrides affect listbox sizes
If a multi group field is set up as a listbox with list size other than default of 5, when the this field is overridden in Composer on a transition and then deployed, on AE ... non-default list size , as set out in the underlying table. This makes it impossible for users to change the list size and override the field on the transition via the supported interfaces. The only way this can be achieved is by updating the TS_PROPERTIES.TS_MULTISELECTSIZE for the field and the particular transition.
CMS-XML What are the z/OS security requirements for the Tomcat server, to support the REST API web services?
Note that neither the started task userid nor the group to which it is connected needs any kind of ... Set the JCL symbolic parameters to reflect your choice of location for the Tomcat install, e .g. ... Update the ZMFPARMS member - parameters are described within the member: ... The Subscribers.dat file will be created by the zmfevent application if it is not there (i. e . ... information on deploying multiple applications).
CMS-XML Invalid SER4195E Load module update is not supported message.
Invalid SER4195 E Load module update is not supported message.
CMS-XML Calling out to a web service doesn't support multi fields other than multiselect
Calling out to a web service doesn't support multi fields other than multiselect
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