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CMS-XML Changing Default Size of Data ScriptPage Writes to Shell::PostData using SBM ModScript
SBM 11.3
CMS-XML Unable to change item's URL returned from a web service call to take you to a different shell
SBM 11.2
CMS-XML Screen blinks with "SBM User Workspace can not be embedded in another frame" repeatedly after changing url.
http://sbmserver /tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? shell =srp&IssuePage&RecordId=6938&Template=view&TableId=1168 Then once you're in the shell all you do is remove the query string so as to go to the traditional UI like this.
CMS-XML How to setup a url that will log straight into an SBM shell like Request Center, Demand Center etc.
The following example can be used when you want to log into a shell interface without being prompted for username and password. In the following example the shell =srp parameter will log into "Request Center" but can be changed to match your needs.
CMS-XML Chrome: When editing a custom SBM theme, the browser spins and locks up
Workaround 2: We have noticed this problem is more likely to happen when using upper case colors. For example, if you enter white was #FFFFFF it will cause this problem, but #ffffff will work fine. So, as a second option, change all of your colors to be in lower case .
CMS-XML SBM SSO login to Pulse may fail with mixed case usernames
When user tries to logon to Pulse, the page keeps resetting , and presents a prompt to Retry or Cancel. Clicking Retry just repeats behavior. Clicking Cancel opens a "Webpage has expired" page in IE; but if you just try to open Pulse logon page again it keeps flashing the Pulse page. User needs to close / reopen IE in order to get Pulse logon screen again.
CMS-XML Changing Common Log Database in Configurator automatically changes Application Engine Database
- all components use the sample DB - now modify the Common Log Database to point to another SBM database (in my case SBM 12) - click Apply
CMS-XML SQL Server Windows Authentication login issue when SBM is configured to use Windows Authentication and SSO
> setspn –s HTTP/fqdn:80 account > setspn –s HTTP/fqdn:8085 account But in that case you will also have to update them each time you change ports in SBM Configurator.
CMS-XML JBoss service does not stop in some cases
The JBoss service wrapper was changed in SBM 2009 R4 and in some instances, the service does not stop gracefully. Errors will be recieved in the service_shutdown.log located in "Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\jboss405\server\default\log".
CMS-XML Get "Webpage has expired" error when click cancel on report edit.
SBM directory in case you need to roll back to the original. 4. Edit the file and find the "doCancel()" function. 5. Replace the contents of that function with:
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