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CMS-XML TCPIP errors -- Cannot connect except from local host; errno=1027
2012/06/18 03:00:50.66 SER1020I CMN TCP/IP TAKESOCKET: RC =FFFF ErrNo =121 TCA=38484000 Task=CMN TCB=006AE628 TIE=384E5F50 Sock= 00
CMS-XML CMNASIST ends with RC=00 on B37 abend
CMNASIST ends with RC = 00 on B37 abend
CMS-XML CMN00 fails with return code 12
For Unplanned Temporary Package Installs, it is possible for one of the CMNBATCH transactions in the CMN20 or CMN25 job to fail with RC =12 and this message: BATCH CHANGE MAN 5.3.4 - 2003/11/07 05:02:27 ATTEMPTING TO INITIATE DIALOG WITH CHANGE MAN SUBTASK
CMS-XML Audit gets S0C4 in CMNIAG00 RC=10 offset 056C
Audit gets S0C4 in CMNIAG 00 RC =10 offset 056C
CMS-XML S0C4 in CMNECR00 RC=04 offset=0B98 in CMNIA000 job
S0C4 in CMNECR 00 RC =04 offset=0B98 in CMNIA000 job
CMS-XML Dim10: Error executing templates when using REXEC, Job R-4205832 FAILED - rc(-1) errno(13)
Dim10: Error executing templates when using REXEC, Job R-4205832 FAILED - rc (-1) errno (13)
CMS-XML SER1307E SERVXPPC Communication failure : TCP/IP WRITE: RC=FFFF ERRNO=00057
SER1307E SERVXPPC Communication failure : TCP/IP WRITE: RC =FFFF ERRNO =00057
CMS-XML Missing //XMLOUT DD in SERXMLBC JCL returns RC=00 even if error in XML request
When running SERXMLBC and the //XMLOUT DD is present, if the XML request has an error the expected non-zero return code is issued for the job. Running the same SERXMLBC JCL with no //XMLOUT DD issues a RC=00 and no indication of the problem.
CMS-XML CPX00I - FORMAT=2 results in RC=16
In CPX 8.3, if a user specified a digit for the FORMAT command, CPX would convert it to a 2 digit field. CPX 8.7 is converting the single digit to 2 digits; however, a RC =16 syntax error occurs. Tthe CPX 8.7 manual does state that the argument for this field REQUIRES 2 digits as seen below.
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