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CMS-XML Dim10: During Merge some files are added to project as new revisions of existing items from another product
When user Merges a Baseline ancestor in one product with File Based derivative, and the target is a Project in same product , some files in the target Project may be merged in as new revisions of existing items in a different product . This happens specifically if the directory for File Based derivative is a working location for a project in the other product.
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.x / Can delete item (DI) deployed at non initial stage
unable to find details of item with UID <uid value>. 8: Item UID : < uid value>, area path : " folder / file ", deployed from project: "< product >:<project>". in the scenario above, when deleting the item, how to avoid failing in this situation ?
CMS-XML DIM10: Merge updates item from different product instead of creating new items in current product
- In Desktop Client select Project > Merge and choose the newly created project as the ancestor and the target - as the Derivative select File Based and browse to the local directory containing the two files created above - the merge tool shows everything correctly - save the target
CMS-XML Using vtransfer -r to rename or move an archive on an old VM File Server does not move the Revision Library directory
As a workaround, locate the Revision Library directory for the archive (using the old path ) and rename and/or move it so it once again lines up with the meta- data archive component. FYI: the relative path to the meta-data archive under the Project DB path of a Path Map has to be the same as the relative path to the revision library directory under the Revision path of the same Path Map.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF51289 : Project Merge Bug
Project Merge Bug : Description : when using " Project Merge " to merge a directory structure (" file based ") into an existing workset, some cross- product items are not correctly uploaded. Steps to reproduce :
CMS-XML Dim10: Items are merged in from the wrong product.
Items are merged in from the wrong product . ... . Create two products A and B ... _A in product A with a project directory temp ... _B in product B with a project directory temp ... rights to both products (e. ... ... the same workset directory ... Create a new Item in Prj_A in directory temp ... . Fetch the item out to disk ... _B with directory temp Derivative: File area including sub ... ... _B with directory temp ... up the new item to be added ... ... B the new item in the project ...
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: COR3200180E Failed to remove item from trying to create revised baseline
1) 2 items are created in 2 folders , and linked to Request A; 2) One of the items is deleted again before going into any baseline, and Request A is used for the refactoring change; ... Revised baseline contains new item and a warning is displayed that the second item was not part of the original baseline. ... COR3200180E Failed to remove item <spec> from < product >: The path does not exist
CMS-XML Dim9: Loss of Files in Desktop Client Update Item file selector
Dimensions 9.1.3 in PAYROLL product In Workset structure select PAYROLL:WS_DEV_WIN workset select the doc workset directory
CMS-XML DIM CM: LWSD /ITEMS fails with PCM3200992E after creating two items with the same path in different parts
1. Open $GENERLIC:$GLOBAL (Global Project) in the desktop client 2. Open Design Part view picking the QLARIUS product and root design part 3. Create two child design parts AAA and BBB
CMS-XML Dim8 DEF78905: Unable to merge Directory Items
MI " prod :A32.A-WRK_SPC;4.5" /USER_FILENAME="c:\work\ToolsDatabases\" /REVISION="9" /REVISION_LIST=("8") /COMMENT="resolve conflicts" /CHANGE_DOC=("SCR_108")
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