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CMS-XML Dim10: When creating a new release, an error of 2384-Error: The specified item is not in the project $GENERIC:$GLOBAL occurs
When creating a new release, an error of 2384-Error: The specified item is not in the project $GENERIC:$GLOBAL occurs. The following error shows in the console window of the Desktop Client: FI "<Prod>:<Item Spec>;<Rev>"/NOEXPAND/OVERWRITE/NOMETADATA/USER_FILE="<User filename>" /WORKSET="$GENERIC:$GLOBAL"
CMS-XML Upload specifies the incorrect revision when latest rev not in current workset
Currently upload -n generates an incorrect script in certain instances. This causes the UI command to specify the latest revision of the item in the global workset and not the latest revision in the current workset. This can be a problem if this revision does not exist in the workset we are currently uploading to, as the upload will then fail complaining that the revision does not exist in the workset.
CMS-XML DIM10: DM_DISABLE_BRANCH_CHECKINS causes merges to fail with error messages
COR2800037E Error: Item "TEST1:CDRTOOLS_2.00.3/ABOUT-SRC" has multiple leaf revisions in Project "$GENERIC:$GLOBAL" and the corresponding File "C:\Temp\pt5b8c.tmp" has no metadata. 2384- Error : The specified item revision is not in the project $GENERIC:$ GLOBAL - No new revisions are created, or relationships changed and the same conflict remains after the error window is closed.
CMS-XML Invalid password error with batch logonid
... still receive an invalid password error when the job ... When the job runs on the same lpar it completes successfully, and an invalid id message is written to the task. When it is submitted on a different lpar, they receive the invalid password error in the job. They are running the CMN010 from global . ... When you define the PASSTICKET in an ACF2 environment you need to specify 'MULT-USE' in order to have similar functionality as RACF (i.e. NO REPLAY PROTECTION).
CMS-XML Edit of HFS component getting error 'SER0308I The file exists'
... code built an invalid file name. To get around the problem go into Global Admin Parms and on the field 'HFS Temp Folder' placed the cursor right after value you had entered , then scroll right using the space bar and hit PF11 to continue scrolling to the end of the field. ... The same workaround also resolves another customer-repored problem where attempts to edit a UFS component failed with a 'File not found/CMN000 The specified file or a directory in the pathname was not found.' error .
CMS-XML CMNBAT40 calculating package aging using incorrect value
It does not appear to be global admin or any other application admin. When running this here we always receive a value of ‘1’ in the ‘AGING IN DAYS’ column and this was the consistent value across global and many application admin definitions prior to changing it to a higher number. ... In the reporting customer’s situation, they formerly had a consistent value of 4000 specified and, despite changing it to a much lower number, the 4000 persists.
CMS-XML SMP/E errors install the 'full' and 'fix' version of FDM
Because the SMP/E members contained in the FDM761.JCL library were not updated to reflect changes in the SMP/E MCS for both the 'fix' <maintenance only> and 'full' install will get errors similar to the following: ... GIM40101E ** APPLY PROCESSING FAILED FOR SYSMOD PDSE760 EVEN THOUGH IT WAS SPECIFIED ON THE SELECT OPERAND. ... NOT IN THE GLOBAL ZONE.
CMS-XML populated message parameters for reblocking / rebuffering in panel DCF007 incorrect
When option 2 of the DCF interface is selected to set IOO message options in global panel DCF007, the options set are not retained. ... However, when the user goes back to panel DCF007, the populated values are switched from that originally specified .
CMS-XML 'UNDEFINED SITE' message specifying sites at package create time (installation calendar)
Each physical global admin site record contains enough room to contain 3 entries for site definitions. ... In CMN ZMF instances that utilise the installation calendar functionality, when creating a package (online) only the sites defined on the first physical global site record are available for selection. All others receive the following error when package creation is attempted:
CMS-XML KM-DIM2009R1: Reported Defect: Comparing revisions between two streams: "A content type has not been specified"
... between streams causes error "A content ... has not been specified ". ... compare from the global stream. ... Actual Result: Warning : A content ... has not been specified for the format ... Serena Merge tool error : "Unable to access the following file for reading: " After clicking OK Serena Merge exits.
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