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CMS-XML DIM CM: NCL4501392E Uncaught unknown exception
ACL4501269E Error: RPC execution failed - 32 (LIBOPENFILE), "Error: RPC execution failed." COR4501246E Error: <file>: I/O error
CMS-XML Errors trying to add new directory item with same name as existing dir item in another project
If user inputs item spec ID manually then it may return another error against item library filename: Create Item - PRG4501254E Error: cannot overwrite file <path to item library filename> COR4501246E Error: <directory path>\: I/O error
CMS-XML DM12.2: Use of pre-op call in trigger during Return Item causes errors
Later, when another attempt is made to check-in the item, the user will receive a message similar to: Check In Item - PRG4501254E Error: cannot overwrite file <name of item library file> COR4501246E Error: <name of file in work area>: I/O error
CMS-XML DIM: If no metadata exists, java api gives "Error: Failed to execute RPC 116" when attempting to createItem
ACL4501291E Error: RPC execution failed - 116 (RPC_RFOPENREADCLOSE), "Error: RPC execution failed." COR4501246E Error: C:\WORK3/c1.txt: I/O error at com.serena.dmclient.api.ExceptionHandler.handleException( at com.serena.dmclient.api.DimensionsObjectFactoryImpl.createItem( at com.serena.dmclient.api.DimensionsObjectFactoryImpl.createItem(
CMS-XML Dim 10: Error: Data streaming failed.
COR4501246E Error: MVS::I008T20.SRCXDXP.GENIMS/SCTC001.GENIMS: I/O error
CMS-XML dim10.1.3: Use of pre-op call in trigger during Return Item causes errors
A file is created in the item lib and leads to errors next time the RI is executed: PRG4501254E Error: cannot overwrite file MFTEST-01 COR4501246E Error: MFTEST.txt: I/O error
CMS-XML DimCM: DTC: Detailed Description temp file deleted prematurely when creating a new request
COR4501246E Error: C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\3\ptd0c1.HTM: I/O error
CMS-XML When deploying/updating a z/os load, a warning message issueing from link-edit makes the deploy/update to fail
MDHFSY0004616 E failed copying //'pds(load)' to /tmp/pt34a1f1.tmp MDHNCL4501225 E Error: pds(load): I/O error COR4501246E Error: ::pds(load): I/O error ++

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