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CMS-XML Assorted variables missing from #VARLIST
A customer has pointed out that the following ISPF skeleton variables are not documented in the supplied #VARLIST member: CMN$$AUD - ARSPARM CMN$$DEL - PROMDS
CMS-XML Package list help panel sort issues (CMN93810)
----------- ------------ ----------------- . AUD A Descending . BPACKAGE B Ascending .
CMS-XML Imbed for skeleton CMN$$SPR commented out in skeleton CMN$$AUD
Imbed for skeleton CMN $$SPR commented out in skeleton CMN$$AUD
CMS-XML CMN$$AST skel is missing COND on SORT and LOG defaults are inconsistent.
The COND code check is missing from the SORT step. This will cause big problems for non-DB2 customers.
CMS-XML Unable to sort on field 'CHANGED' on panel CMN3DSA1 - get 'Invalid sort key'
Unable to sort on the field ‘CHANGED’ in panel CMN3DSA1 (SKELETON MAINTENANCE OPTIONS). If you try you get the short message ‘Invalid sort key’ and the long message ‘The name 'STGDTE' is not a column name of this table.’
CMS-XML SORT USER command fails INVALID KEYWORD | CMN1450I - SORT command contains an invalid keyword. Reenter command.
This problem was introduced in 8.1.0 when column headings "ID" were changed to "User" but the SORT command code was not changed to match. This affects many panels, the 1st few (alphabetically) being CMNBLST1, CMNBRWB1, CMNCCMSL, CMNCKOTL, CMNCKOTS, CMNCKOTX and CMNCOMPL.
CMS-XML Sort discrepancy between ISPF and ZDD dataset filter
There is a mismatch in the sort order between the way in which results are displayed in ISPF option 3.4 and the way in which they are displayed within a dataset folder under CMN ZDD/MS Windows Explorer.
CMS-XML CMN1450I Error Msg Incorrect
CMN1450I: This message is not correct. On CMNRPM05 when the user enters a wrong sort command, for example SORT P, the message looks like this:
CMS-XML Command ‘SORT PROCNAME’ (or PROC) does not work on panel CMNCMPHI
In ZMF v8.1 the SORT option has been enhanced to allow you to sort on a number of fields. If you try to do ‘ SORT PROCNAME’ on panel CMNCMPHI it fails with ‘INVALID KEYWORD’ and the long message ‘ CMN 1450I - SORT command contains an invalid keyword. Reenter command.’, even though if you press PF1 for the tutorial ‘PROCNAME’ is valid and works on other panels when doing SORT, for example, panel CMNSTG01.
CMS-XML Aud20 step is failing with a B37 on a SORTIN file
The fix from DEF78375 ended up causing the B37 on a SORTIN file in the Audit job. However there is no DD for a SORTIN file. This happens to be an internal sort .
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