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CMS-XML Intermittent S0C4 in CMNIMPFL, offset=8FA during audit.
PSW AT TIME OF ERROR 078C0000 800A1AA2 ILC 6 INTC 11 ACTIVE LOAD MODULE ADDRESS=000A 11A8 OFFSET=000008FA ... A: 00000000/800A 11A8 B: 00000000/0000D000 ... CMN2621A - Neither DB2 nor the IA Table are available, Terminating.
CMS-XML Advanced reporting - views to internal tables gives error when try to filter on these values - Error: Request Failed. Please contact your administrator
If you use Advanced Reporting and create a view to system tables e.g.TS_PROJECTS, TS_GROUPS, TS_SELECTIONS then you try to create a Listing Report against this view. If you select in the filter a field to one of the system tables then the values are not populated to be able to select them and if you input a value to search that you know exists then you get "Request Failed. Please contact your administrator!".
CMS-XML If you create an auxiliary report via a reference link to the contacts table on SaaS and then include as an embedded report you get the error - Could not read report. The report was probably deleted.
If you create an aux report via a reference link to the Contacts table on SaaS, then include as an embedded report on a form in Composer. You get this error when displaying the form.
CMS-XML Incorrect value display format of contacts Table
When the Item ID(IssueID) field is added to the contacts table , the item ID displays in front of the value display format The Item ID will only display if there is a numeric value for the Item ID field in the contacts table
CMS-XML Work Center getting error of "Unable to load initial data for Work Center, please contact your Administrator."
SBM 11.8
CMS-XML External User Registration fails if the Contacts table is renamed
When using the Self Registration Page, my users are seeing the following error :
CMS-XML Reports not sorting contacts as expected on an Auxiliary table
Single relational fields to values in an auxiliary table are sorting incorrectly . If the value display format on the auxiliary table is set to <lastname>, <Firstname>
CMS-XML Relational field show Contact your Administrator error when clicking on the 'Click to Create' icon
This can happen if the SBM user has View privileges to the supporting table of the relational field but does not have Submit privileges. Although the error is misleading it just means that the user is not allowed to submit to the table.
CMS-XML SBM AE shows error "Please contact your administrator" on all forms
Start with the user's Home Page report - is it set at all, or is it set correctly ? Does the user have the required permissions to run the report and view the underlying tables ?
CMS-XML External users and/or users without the View Privilege on the Contact table cannot search Relational Field Value Lookup forms for single relational fields
Having upgraded the DB from TT6.3 to TT 6.6 External users and/or users without the View Privilege on the Contact table cannot search Relational Field Value Lookup forms for single relational fields on Submit transitions. The lookup search brings nothing at all, neither an error nor a result.
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