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CMS-XML Dimensions 14.1 customers still upgrading baselines please click here.
Dimensions 14.1 correctly prevents an item from being deleted if it is contained within a baseline created since the upgrade to CM 14.1 or in a baseline that has been upgraded to the new VRS format. We have discovered an issue in CM 14.1 with items that are only contained in baselines that have not yet been upgraded.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Alert: Removing directory in project can delete non-Dimensions content from deployment area
In Dimensions CM 10.1 or 10.1.1 when a folder is deleted from a Dimensions project that folder is also deleted in all deployment areas associated with the project. If the folder on disk in the deployment area contains files that were not placed there using Dimensions CM deployment functionality those files will also be removed.
CMS-XML ZMF 8.1.1. Essential maintenance required for all ZMF 8.1.1 customers
Customers currently running ZMF 8.1.1, or planning to upgrade to ZMF 8.1.1 must install the hotfix for this problem. Failure to install this hotfix on your ZMF 8.1.1 tasks will lead to lost component versions during the baseline and backout functions. Problem Description:
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Alert - Dimensions CM 10.1.0 and 10.1.1 and Refactoring
When files or folders are refactored (removed, moved or renamed), the changes correctly take effect in the Dimensions project where development is taking place. However, the changes also take affect in all deployment areas associated with the project that contains the affected file/ folder .
CMS-XML McAfee anti-virus update breaks Version Manager by incorrectly flagging it as containing the Exploit-CVE2012-0507 Trojan
McAfee anti-virus update breaks Version Manager by incorrectly flagging it as containing the Exploit-CVE2012-0507 Trojan
CMS-XML Do NOT Run vsplit -u (unsplit) on Archive Paths that Contain Double-Byte Characters on pre- releases
Do NOT Run vsplit -u (unsplit) on Archive Paths that Contain Double-Byte Characters on pre- releases
CMS-XML Required maintenance for ZMF customers running ZMF 7.1.x.
ZMF 7.1 Serena has identified problems in the area of Component Master processing which requires the installation of essential maintenance for all customers running ChangeMan ZMF 7.1.x. Serena considers these problems as high impact and pervasive, and strongly recommends downloading the hotfix and installing it on your ChangeMan ZMF system(s) running release 7.1.x.
CMS-XML Urgent notice for users of both SBM and Dimensions CM with SSO who are considering the upgrade to SBM 2009 R4
The Single Sign On (SSO) component included in the SBM 2009 R4 release is incompatible with SSO components included within the released version of Dimensions CM 2009 R2 and CM 2009 R1. Users of SSO between SBM and Dimensions CM, must first patch CM to patch level 2009 R2.05 or later, or upgrade to the major release CM 12.1, before upgrading to SBM 2009 R4. The CM patch 2009 R2.05 and the release CM 12.1 will be available during March 2011.
CMS-XML ZMF 8.1.3. Essential maintenance required for all customers upgrading to ZMF 8.1.3. (Added 18 May 2017)
The following pervasive issues have been identified in the ZMF 8.1.3 GA release. They cover problems in user variable translation and transition to the associated function and may result in, for example, component history records losing their user option data. Due to the potentially severe impact of these issues, Micro Focus requires that customers apply the 8.1.3 hotfix attached to Solution S142137 .
CMS-XML ZMF Patch - now available on P2743
The issues have been resolved and the updated patch is now available for download. You can download the patch components and the updated Readme from KB article P2743 . Customers that downloaded ZMF between April 17 and April 23 should discard the patch components you downloaded previously and replace with the files currently attached to P2743.
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