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CMS-XML MCLG: IE crashes with error: Application Error: The instruction at "0x0bbab0c5" referenced memory memory at "0x00000034"
This is usually caused by a conflict between Collage and one or more installed browser extensions. To test if this is the cause of your browser crashes, in IE, open Tools | Internet Options | Advanced. Under the Browsing section, uncheck the option that says "Enable third party browser extensions".
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Alert - Dimensions CM 10.1.0 and 10.1.1 and Refactoring
For this example, we will assume that there are four stages - "DEVELOPMENT", "UNIT TEST ", "SYSTEM TEST " and "RELEASE" each of which have an attached deployment area. Imagine a Dimensions project contains a file called "src/examples/", for which a revision is currently deployed to "UNIT TEST".
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Alert: Removing directory in project can delete non-Dimensions content from deployment area
If using Dimensions deployment in such a fashion that this issue may affect you, as an immediate wokaround use current projects for development and testing deployment only. Create separate projects for production deployment to eliminate the potential impact on production environments.
CMS-XML VM: Known issues with Version Manager
2b. Users are not able to browse the local file system in the VM I-Net client using certain versions of the Sun Java plug-in. Problem occurs in Mozilla/Netscape on all Sun JVMs ( tested 1.4.0_04, 1.4.1_01, 1.4.1_07, 1.4.2_06, 1.5.0) Problem occurs in IE on Sun JVMs version 1.4.1_07 and up (tested 1.4.1_07, 1.4.2_06, 1.5.0)
CMS-XML HP-UX patch breaks Version Manager running in setuid mode
For HP-UX 11.11: PHSS_32864 Both patches are expected to be available in end of August 2005. If you cannot roll back the offending patch, for example because roll-back capabilities were explicitly turned off to save disk space, you should contact HP to get pre-release access to either patch (before HP's QA department has completed their tests ).

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