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CMS-XML Do NOT Run vsplit -u (unsplit) on Archive Paths that Contain Double-Byte Characters on pre- releases
WARNING! Do NOT Run vsplit -u on Archive Paths that Contain Double-Byte Characters using Version Manager releases prior to attempt to unsplit such archives. Attempting to unsplit such archives will
CMS-XML HP-UX patch breaks Version Manager running in setuid mode
... Version Manager from running in setuid mode ... ... _30966, does not exhibit this same ... removed and it will not need to be ... and a user tries to run the Version Manager ... Can't open shared library ... No such file or ... Attempts to use CLI ... Can't find path for ... No such file or ... ... pcli" command did not return an error ... you probably just don't have your environment setup correctly to run CLI commands. ... If you cannot roll back the offending patch, for example because roll-back capabilities were explicitly turned off to save disk space, you ...
CMS-XML VM 8.2.0.x - Running Show Differences on a workfile may cause the workfile to get deleted
When running Show Differences on a workfile, upon closing the Diff tool, Version Manager releases and attempt to delete the file used in the Diff operation from the current directory. Please see the linked KB article for a HotFix that can prevent this from happening.
CMS-XML StarBat: Runtime EXEC parameter PARM='RC=0' no longer supported
has been enhanced to allow user customization. By customizing the new StarBat Return Code Table, users can tailor StarBat return code processing both globally throughout StarBat and locally on a function -by- function basis. With this return code table, the StarBat runtime EXEC parameter PARM='RC=0'
CMS-XML ZMF 5.6.x: Potential for incomplete restore when running CMNBKRST with recovery records.
Please see Solution S134975 for details of this problem (click Related Document link above). Solution S134975 contains a fix which can be applied by all customers running ZMF 5.6. The problem does not occur on ZMF releases below 5.6.0.
CMS-XML MCLG: Drop down menus do not work in Firefox
The patch is available in KB 5007715 . To address the problem, Collage will now use a new method to create the menus when running Collage through Firefox. As a side effect, the first time you open any menu within a browser session, it will take a couple seconds for the menu to open.
CMS-XML Required maintenance for ZMF customers running ZMF 7.1.x.
Required maintenance for ZMF customers running ZMF 7.1.x.
CMS-XML ALERT - possible Oracle data loss if upgrading from TeamTrack directly to SBM 2008 2.03, 2.04, 2.05 or 2009 R1
then it is likely that you will experience data loss on the database upgrade. Workaround: When upgrading from TeamTrack the Unicode Upgrade Utility is a one-off utility run so to avoid this issue upgrade your database to 2008 R2 first and only then apply the patch or upgrade to 2009 R1(first GA build - no longer available for download).
CMS-XML McAfee anti-virus update breaks Version Manager by incorrectly flagging it as containing the Exploit-CVE2012-0507 Trojan
Users trying to launch the Version Manager desktop client GUI will see the error Class not found: pvcs.suite.gui.PvcsApp Users trying to run a PCLI command will see the error Class not found: pvcs.cmd.CmdProcessor Users of the web client will see the error HTTP Status 404 - Servlet vminet is not available
CMS-XML KM-Dim: Serena Dimensions Oracle Patch Upgrade Policy
In Serena's experience, it is unlikely for any Oracle security patch to break or hinder an existing application relying upon that Oracle. If problems are encountered, the Oracle DBA would be expected to already have a backup/recovery strategy planned in the event that a critical business application no longer operates successfully.
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