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CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF 8.1.2 and 8.1.3. Excessive GRS memory usage Please review the article for details. Please note
CMS-XML Expiring Certificate for Dimensions CM on August 9th 2014 - this will result in "PRG7700117E Error: Untrusted endorsing credentials" when logging into the Desktop Client
If your Dimensions installation satisfies all of the below conditions then on 9th August 2014 a certificate will expire and you will be unable to logon to the Dimensions CM Desktop Client, DMCLI, .NET or Eclipse. You will get an authentication error "PRG7700117E Error: Untrusted endorsing credentials". Note : This error will not occur in the web client.
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF 8.1.1 Readme. Click here for important update.
The instructions on page 23 of the Readme have been updated to include the following instructions for those of you that are upgrading from ZMF 8.1.0 or to ZMF 8.1.1. Upgrade Notes If you are upgrading from ZMF 8.1 or to ZMF 8.1.1:
CMS-XML Expiring Certificate for Dimensions CM on 13 June 2015 if you are using Dimensions CM SSO Server with CAC or SmartCard enabled
SSO_SERVER_CERTIFICATE %DM_DFS%cm.pem If these two variables are present then SSO with CAC or SmartCard enablement is in place. Note
CMS-XML MCLG: Drop down menus do not work in Firefox
Serena Software Support NOTE : To automatically receive important technical bulletins such as this, register your email at /portal/Techmail.asp
CMS-XML ALERT - possible Oracle data loss if upgrading from TeamTrack directly to SBM 2008 2.03, 2.04, 2.05 or 2009 R1
Fixed in: Please note that this is fixed in 2008 2.06 and the latest 2009 R1 GA rebuild that can be downloaded from the support site.
CMS-XML MCLG: Getting Deploy Agent ready for the new USA 2007 Daylight Saving Time rules
Click "Download J2SE v 1.3.1_18". NOTE :
CMS-XML HP-UX patch breaks Version Manager running in setuid mode
re-installed. - Please note that PHSS_32226 is dependent upon PHSS_30970. If PHSS_30970 is removed, PHSS_32226 must also be removed.
CMS-XML MCLG: How will the new USA 2007 Daylight Saving Time rules impact Collage?
Special Note About Scheduled Activites:
CMS-XML MCLG 4.6: Getting Collage ready for the new USA 2007 Daylight Saving Time rules
Click "Download J2SE v 1.3.1_18", and choose the SDK. NOTE :
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