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CMS-XML Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Version Manager Web Client (VM I-Net)
Cross- Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Version Manager Web Client (VM I-Net)
CMS-XML SBM - RCE 0-day exploit found in log4j - Security issue CVE 2021-44228
CVE 2021-44228: A serious security issue affecting SBM, RCE 0-day exploit, has been found for log4j 2.0 – 2.14.1. For further information on the vulnerability, you can follow the Apache Log4j site .
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF 8.1.1 Readme. Click here for important update.
The ZMF 8.1.1 Readme is available for download from the Support site .
CMS-XML Source Bridge Web Client applet certificates expire on February 25th 2017
Add the server URL to the Exception Site List in Java Control Panel (Control Panel -> Java : Security) Press "I accept the risk and want to run this application".
CMS-XML Dimensions CM Web Client applet certificates expire on February 25th 2017
Users unable to apply the updates before February 25th, 2017 should add the Dimensions CM server URL to the Exception Site List in the Java Control Panel on the client (Control Panel -> Java -> Security). Users of older versions not included in this list should update to a supported version and apply the corresponding hotfix or use the exception list as a workaround.
CMS-XML MCLG: After DST changes are applied, all dates in Collage show in GMT time
SET JAVA_OPTS=-server -Xmx%CATALINA_MEMORY% To look like this and reflect your own timezone. SET JAVA_OPTS=-server -Xmx%CATALINA_MEMORY% -Duser.timezone=America/Chicago
CMS-XML KM-Dim: Serena Dimensions Oracle Patch Upgrade Policy
2. Oracle Supplied by Oracle Corp Since Serena Dimensions 8, we have supported the ability for customers to use their existing preferred database with their Dimensions CM application, including their own Oracle RBDMS.
CMS-XML ALERT - possible Oracle data loss if upgrading from TeamTrack directly to SBM 2008 2.03, 2.04, 2.05 or 2009 R1
Fixed in: Please note that this is fixed in 2008 2.06 and the latest 2009 R1 GA rebuild that can be downloaded from the support site .
CMS-XML Potential file corruption when File Server is used by Version Manager releases prior to VM
You could place the directives above into their own Configuration File (e.g. "VersionCheck.cfg") and then just reference that file in the first line of each of your Project Database Configuration Files using: INCLUDE "DirectoryPath /VersionCheck.cfg"
CMS-XML Click "ALERT: A57" for Java 1.7.x updates solutions for Serena web clients using the Java plug-in may randomly stop working after 14 January 2014.
Due to security enhancements that have been added to Java 7 as of update 25, the release of a new JRE on Oracle's website will automatically block certain features in the older versions of Java plug-ins that may be installed on your system. These blocked features will prevent the web client of certain Serena products from working, such as Dimensions CM and PVCS Version Manager. If you are using Dimensions CM, please see Knowledgebase Solution S140201
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