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CMS-XML Possible data loss when checking into branches following switch to NOGENERATEDELTA on existing split archives served by File Server releases prior to VM 8.3
Knowledge Base article S137716 contains a utility that can be used to indentify archives possibly affected by this defect, and includes instructions on how these revisions can be fixed using a backup . Serena strongly recommends that all customers on older releases upgrade their File Server to release 8.3.
CMS-XML TTS License - "Init Extension Failed….. Failed to obtain a TTS license" - 63016
(1) Make a database backup . (2) Stop your WebServer. (3) Delete the Incidents primary table through the TeamTrack Administrator.
CMS-XML MCLG: How will the new USA 2007 Daylight Saving Time rules impact Collage?
All of the date and time stamps within Collage will be wrong by one hour. Daily scheduled deploys, backups , imports, and tasks will start an hour early. The audit logs, deploy logs, import logs, Tomcat logs, etc will have time stamps off by one hour.
CMS-XML KM-Dim: Serena Dimensions Oracle Patch Upgrade Policy
In Serena's experience, it is unlikely for any Oracle security patch to break or hinder an existing application relying upon that Oracle. If problems are encountered, the Oracle DBA would be expected to already have a backup /recovery strategy planned in the event that a critical business application no longer operates successfully.
CMS-XML Potential file corruption when File Server is used by Version Manager releases prior to VM
A project starts showing the identical contents of another project. Once corrupted, the problem can only be corrected by restoring the affected files from backup . Avoid this problem by making sure all Version Manager clients of a File Server are running VM or newer.
CMS-XML McAfee anti-virus update breaks Version Manager by incorrectly flagging it as containing the Exploit-CVE2012-0507 Trojan
\vm\common\lib\vm.jar from backup Reinstall Version Manager

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