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CMS-XML VM: Which user privileges control the ability to change public workspace settings?
To add, rename or delete a public workspace , users should have the SUPERUSER or UNLIMITED privilege at the project database root level.
CMS-XML loginAsUserId in WebServices requires Remote Administration privilege
In the SBM User Workspace , you can be a regular user and just have the privileges "Logon as another User" to work with that function. In Composer, you can configure a webservice to call the “Logon as another User” function by using <loginAsUserId> in the Data Mapping tab
CMS-XML How To Restrict Modifying Attributes in the Root Workspace or a Public Workspace
The Project Security privilege Modify Project controls whether or not the user is able to to change the Root and Public Workspace property: Workfile Location
CMS-XML How to prevent users from adding, renaming or deleting public workspaces
privilege at the project database root are able to add, rename or delete public workspaces . The action is restricted this way because public workspaces span the entire project database, and can affect all files and projects it contains.
CMS-XML Users are unable to view or select a project on the search page of the SBM Workspace
In order to make projects available for searching on the search page, users must be given the privilege to view items in the desired project(s). If the project selection appears grayed out, the user must be granted the 'Manage Private reports' privilege. This is found under the Web Admin (Application Administrator) > User/Group > Privileges > Report > Manage Private reports.
CMS-XML VM: 63072: What is a Workspace?
What privileges are required to set Workspaces and Workspace options?
MS-WORD Super Privileges
Properties: if a project is selected, the controls on the project tab are disabled. If root and/or public workspace is active, the workfile location control is disabled on the workspace settings tab. If a private workspace is active, the workfile location control is enabled.
HTML Merant PVCS Version Manager Release Notes
Defining Default Version in Private Workspaces Requires Configure Project Permissions [1015825] Defining Default Version, Branch Version, Base Version, and Default Development Level promotion group in a private workspace no longer requires the ConfigureProject privilege .
CMS-XML SQL Server Database Privileges
SQL Server Database Privileges
CMS-XML Teamtrack Administrator DBMS Privileges
Teamtrack Administrator DBMS Privileges
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