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CMS-XML VM 8.6.1+: How to integrate the PVCS Version Manager Web Application Server with IIS
Starting with PVCS VM 8.6.1, the PVCS Version Manager Server Admin utility ( vpadmin .exe) has a button named Add integration to site
CMS-XML How To: Generate VM I-Net Web Client debug output for servlets on the Serena VM Web Application Server
(The file web.tmp contains staged changes from a previous run of the vpadmin utility. This file will replace web.xml at the next server restart, so if web.tmp exists changes should be made to that file instead.)
CMS-XML What Version Manager releases support SSO authentication using an SSO server running on SBM 11.1?
utility (a.k.a. VPADMIN ) was changed from:
CMS-XML VM: How to redirect VM Web to IIS on 64-bit OS
configure IIS 7 from VPADMIN using VM 8.4.0 - 8.4.4? If yes, see KB article D15488 .
CMS-XML Should I run the Serena VM Web Application Server and a Window Service or as an Application/Process?
Launch the Serena Version Manager Service Admin tool ( VPADMIN ), check the box Control Windows NT Service Start and Stop Operation
CMS-XML How to preserve Path Map settings and the VM I-Net applet configuration when upgrading Version Manager or moving to a different server
Preserving Servlet Definitions: Windows proceeding to the next step. Next, launch the Version Manager Application Server Admin utility ( vpadmin ) and make sure the "Location of Netscape Configuration Files" and/or "Location of Microsoft IIS Scripts Directory" matches the desired location for the new server installation (as they too will be inherited from
CMS-XML PVCS Version Manager TCP/IP Port Number List
IIS HTTP Used to access the VM I-Net Web Client or WebDAV (if IIS is enabled in the Version Manager Server Admin utility VPADMIN .EXE). 443
PDF Training Outline
Last updated on: 10/24/2016 2:49 PM Page 4 of 6 As of release 8.5.2, VM administrators on Windows and Linux can also change these parameters via the Version Manager Server Admin utility ( vpadmin ): 5. COMMON ERRORS WHICH MAY OCCUR
PDF Version Manager Server ReadMe Files
vminet/bin/ vpadmin .exe vminet/html/addfiles.jsp vminet/html/appleterror.jsp vminet/html/changepassword.jsp vminet/html/checkin.jsp vminet/html/checkout.jsp vminet/html/close.jsp vminet/html/closeandrefresh.jsp vminet/html/closereloadcontent.jsp vminet/html/closeupdatecontent.jsp vminet/html/closeupdatestatus.jsp vminet/html/content.jsp vminet/html/copy.jsp
MS-WORD Upon installing JavaWebServer1
c:\PVCS\VMINET\system\Uninst.dll c:\PVCS\VMINET\system\ vpadmin .cnt c:\PVCS\VMINET\system\vpadmin.exe
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