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CMS-XML How to change logging level in the SSO-Idp.log file
How to change logging level in the SSO - Idp.log file
CMS-XML "Premature end of file" error in sso-idp.log or mashupmgr.log
"Premature end of file" error in sso - idp.log or mashupmgr.log
CMS-XML Certificate validation failed: Path does not chain with any of the trust anchors in sso-idp.log file.
Certificate validation failed: Path does not chain with any of the trust anchors in sso - idp.log file.
CMS-XML Unexpected error while resolving identity: null on login screen and also in sso-idp.log
The following error will happen as a result of the SSO keystore files having a blank password. You will see the following error in sso-idp.log and you will also see the following on the login screen after attempting to login.
CMS-XML See repeated errors in sso-idp.log about the following "Trusted certificate expired and will be discarded: CN=Serena Version Manager Server..."
The SSO certificate used for integrations with SBM and Version Manager expired on June 15, 2015 for some older versions of SBM. Since that date you may see errors like the following in the sso-idp.log file that happen quite frequently.
CMS-XML DimCM: SSO Server: Desktop Client will provide an error of PRG7700105E Error: Multiple users have been found in LDAP
User authentication failed The sso - idp.log file shows: 2019-10-18 16:09:43,661 TRACE TS f: g: LDAPAuthenticator.internalAuthenticate(215): Authenticating user "username1"
CMS-XML Unable to validate user, please contact your Administrator.Failed to verify signature: The message has expired
When logging on to the User Workspace users may encounter the following error message : "Unable to validate user, please contact your Administrator." In such a scenario sso - idp.log will throw the following error message :
CMS-XML How to add identity transformer code to configuration.xml for CAC and PIV authentication.
TIP: In order to get debug logging to show in the sso - idp.log file you can change the "log.trace" lines to "" below.
MS-WORD Solution S142293 STS pem file replacement.docx
$Tomcat\logs\ $Tomcat\logs\ sso - idp.log $Tomcat\logs\sso-gatekeeper.log
CMS-XML Enabling SSO across browser instances
SSO tokens are not persisted across multiple browser instances and this is by design. Persistent Cookies are not secure when computers are shared by users. The below workaround will allow you to relax the restriction if you explicitly choose to.
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