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CMS-XML Changes to prior release content version regression processing (ERR0417! errors) in ChangeMan ZMF 7.1.2
ZMF 7.1.2, when ERO audit performed version regression checks it compared the statistics for the component in the area being audited against statistics for the same component which had been “first found” in the consolidated baseline search concatenation. This search concatenation consisted of higher areas in the current release, then areas in the prior releases and finally in the baseline libraries.
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.2
The Compare -to Baseline /Promotion Function Has Been Enhanced
CMS-XML What functions can be performed by a user with READ access to a Change Man Application?
BL Browse compressed listing CC Compare staging changes against baseline /promotion libraries QP Query change package information
CMS-XML Allowed to edit component in ZMF4ECL even though ‘CMN2556A’ message in ZMF
In ZMF , if a baseline component has changed since you checked out the component in your package, when you attempt to edit the component get ‘CHANGES WILL BE LOST’ and the long message ’CMN2556A - Check out new version from baseline ; changes will not be saved.’ In ZMF, when staging (BUILD) the same component you get ‘COMPONENT OUT-OF-SYNC’ and the long message ‘CMN2555I - The baseline version of ABC101.SRC has been modified’.
CMS-XML Checkout from baseline of load component displaying incorrect ‘Size’, ‘AC’ and ‘A/M’ on panel CMNCCMS2.
In some situations, when checking out load components from baseline library, the displays on ChangeMan ZMF panel CMNCMS2 for ‘Size’, ‘AC’ and ‘A/M’ do not match what is displayed in ISPF 3.4 for the same components in the same baseline load library.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL not displaying variable in ZDDOPTS/CHECKOUT when checkout done from package
When checking out a component from a package, the variables defined in ZDDOPTS ‘CHECKOUT’ member are not being displayed. If the checkout is done by expanding the baseline library the variables defined in ZDDOPTS ‘CHECKOUT’ member are displayed.
CMS-XML Scheduled promotion allowed to complete after package in baseline status
When you schedule a promotion to complete on a future date and the package is baselined before the scheduled promotion date is reached, the scheduled promotion is still allowed to complete even if the package is in ‘BAS’ status. If you try to promote a package through the ZMF panels after it is baselined, you get the short error message ‘PROMOTE ERROR’ and the long error message: CMN1260A - Package must be in DEV, FRZ or REJ status.
CMS-XML CMNUPDAT abends with an S0C4 at OFFSET=000017F2, when baselineing a scratch request.
Customer attempted to scratch a like-SRC member and CMNUPDAT abends with an S0C4 at OFFSET=000017F2. There was no corresponding archive member as the module had never been changed and cycled through ZMF .
CMS-XML CMNWRITE parsing components correctly but copybook relationships being lost at baseline time or after full assist is executed
Prior to ZMF Holyrood (6.1.0), all source-copybook relationships are generated by a program named CMNPARSE. CMNPARSE is invoked by three higher level utilities:
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