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CMS-XML SBM: What is the sbmproxy used for and how can I troubleshoot it? (ISAPI Filter FAQ)
SBM: What is the sbmproxy used for and how can I troubleshoot it? (ISAPI Filter FAQ)
CMS-XML Making a call through the SBM Proxy using JavaScript how can I control whether the SSO Token is added to the request header or not?
You may be using JavaScript to make a request to an external website. When you do this you have to use the sbmproxy to avoid cross site scripting issues but depending on your needs you might not want the SSO token to be included in the header of the request you're going to. A good example where you might not want the SSO token included might be when making a rest call to another Serena product that uses SSO.
CMS-XML ALM 4.0.1: Check almopd.log for the source of problems when using the OPD section of ALM
"We did not find any matches for your request Unknown error received from http://stal-vc-ora11/ sbmproxy /xhp [url: 'http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A8080%2Falmopd%2Fapi%2Frest%2Fcm%2FgetProducts%3FdesignMode%3Dfalse'] (404)"
CMS-XML Manually uninstall / remove / delete SBM
remove Jakarta ISAPI Extension from Web Service Extension remove sbmproxy by right clicking on Web Sites folder in IIS Manager->Properties->ISAPI Filters
CMS-XML Out of network users communicate with JBOSS on port 443
virtual directory/application in IIS is the SBM Proxy ( sbmproxy ). This is the same SBMProxy that can be used to make a call from the browser to a third party website, e.g. http://servername/sbmproxy/xhp?url= For this functionality, see the SBM installation guide or KB S141546
CMS-XML SBM Unable to get to IIS URL with HTTP 500 error / Uninstall SBM from IIS
Highlight the web site Double-click on ISAPI Filters highlight sbmproxy and sbmrewrite (one at a time) and click Remove under actions. Now move up the tree of IIS Manager and select the server name.
CMS-XML Logging into Request Center and get "Error getting catalog: Not found" error
Double click the ISAPI Filter icon Verify you have a filter called " sbmproxy " and it shoud be pointing to the following dll by default. C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\bin\isapi_redirect.dll
MS-WORD Requirements for load balancer in a Tomcat cluster %2811 0%29.docx
/ sbmproxy /* /idp/* /DocGenerator/*
CMS-XML Cannot Run Business Mashups and Version Manager on the Same Server
8) Install Serena Business Mashups (SBM will install a filter named " sbmproxy " and a "jakarta" virtual directory). Important
CMS-XML Load Balancer Requirements for JBoss and Tomcat Clusters
/ sbmproxy /* /idp/* /DocGenerator/*
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