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CMS-XML Dim10 - How to write and build a trigger.
How triggers applications work Assumptions made, Dimensions executables (including pcmsmake) and VC++ are in the PATH and all the relevant environment variables have been set up correctly (e.g. INCLUDE, LIBRARY etc.) Start a command prompt Navigate to the %DM_ROOT%\pcms_api\examples directory
CMS-XML STR: Building a ML for a PDSE load library.
The problem that you observed with PDSE load data sets is due to a default setting for linkage edit date. For a load PDSE member, this is very expensive .
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to preserve a generated library in PCMS without preserving the object files using PCMS MAKE
Be warned that you may get unexpected rebuilds if the library is built in more than one build area. PCMSMake uses the absolute pathname when checking for changes in uncontrolled dependencies, so an external dependency with a different absolute path will appear to have changed, even if it is a copy of the original file. On Windows NT, this is easy to manage by mapping a local drive as the " build drive".
CMS-XML Why is Save disabled in edit recovery?
When you log back on to Change Man, it 'knows' the edit session completed successfully and creates a new date.time data set from the staging library member for you to edit. Your changes, unfortunately, are saved in the original date.time
CMS-XML KM-Build6: Remote Build Error - Stopping build due to compile or link error
In the openmake user guide the library environement variable is not written all uppercase like Lib instead of LIB . The environement variables name must always be all uppercase.
CMS-XML Why can I not see the IDRDATA/fingerprint/eyeball information in my executable component?
The most obvious reason is that no IDENTIFY statement has been supplied to the binder/linkage editor (IEWL). If the CMNSSIDN/CMNSSOBJ step is being included in the build procedure and the executable is a program object (i.e. it is being written to a PDSE rather than a PDS executable library ) then there is another possibility.
CMS-XML Interlink TCP/IP & Sernet
TCPaccess IUCV sockets replace the corresponding IBM TCP/IP IUCV transport address space and TCP/IP facilities and lets existing applications--those linked with the IBM C socket library as well as those written using the IBM macro sockets ( EZASMI) or IUCV APIs--execute transparently.
CMS-XML How To: PB 4/5: Using Configuration Builder with PowerBuilder/(4GL tools)
This object manages the build process by annotating what .EXE file is being created along with any .PBD files that were built to support the application. The object also contains information about what objects, their revisions and version labels were accessed to build the software. After the build is complete, this object can be exported (by selecting Entry/Export from the library painter menu) to write the captured information into a text file.
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 1
At this time, only the following build processes (members of the CMNZMF.SKELS distribution library ) are having ISIC records written to the Package Master: Build Process Skeleton Description
CMS-XML How to save compile, link and user options without baselineing a package.
1) create a package 2) recompile (not stage ) the source from baseline, with the new/changed options. 3) set the install time for the package to 1 or 2 minutes later
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