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CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Installing Dimensions schema using non-system account - What Oracle minimum roles required?
||privilege|| ' to < user >; from
CMS-XML Minimum privileges required for the Oracle user connecting to an SBM schema
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: When user trying to apply patch, the Oracle System account has been locked ORA-2800: the account is locked.
When user trying to apply patch, the Oracle System account has been locked ORA -2800 : the account is locked.
CMS-XML Dim CM: CREATE ANY PROCEDURE and DROP ANY PROCEDURE privileges required to run "upgrade all"
The System Administration Guide contains a section called " Oracle Privileges Required for DMDBA Commands" where you can find a list of privileges that need to be assigned to an Oracle user if you are not going to be using the SYSTEM account for DMDBA operations. Unfortunately even with this list of privileges assigned the "upgrade all /force" command fails with the following message:
CMS-XML Creating an Oracle system DSN on 10.2.x and getting an error - sqlstate=im004
sql_handle_env failed" then it is likely you have not set up some required permissions as detailed on resolution. If you have a metalink acount you can reference
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to use a Unix database server with NT Dimensions servers to avoid requiring a Unix login for each Dimensions user
Configure an NT Dimensions Server in parallel with your present Unix system which will continue to serve as the Oracle Server. This eliminates the need for each Dimensions user to have a Unix logon.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Login to Oracle Using System Account Not Working and Login to Sqlplus Gives Message: 'the account is locked'
<enter> (this assumes the default password for the sys user... you must use whatever password has been set for this user ) Then type:
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Oracle Bug 90081 may cause Dr. Watson application errors or core dumps when importing a full system export of an Oracle 8.1.5 database.
a. Export with STATISTICS=NONE. Eg: EXP SYSTEM/MANAGER FULL=Y STATISTICS=NONE b. Use a user level export rather than a FULL export.
CMS-XML Error sqlstate=im004 when setting up a System DSN with Oracle Client 10.2 on W2003
Under 'Local Security Policy' -> User Access Rights you need to allow the Administrators Group to 'Create Global Objects' on the TT Server. Oracle 10.2 + W2003 needs it if you want to create a System DSN.
CMS-XML km-dim10 : does installation of really requires user root privilege ?
If we allowed users to run as any other user then any of the commands in the script could fail with a permissions error which would be beyond our control. Requesting the script be run as root is the only way we can make sure the script is always successfull in that it does not hit any permission related errors. A number of our install script do run 'su' during the install to switch user to Oracle , as well as running chmod and chown.
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