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CMS-XML Dim12.1: Deployment listener is running and debugging is switched on but no new deployments or logging inforamtion is returned
A Dimensions listener restart was necessary, this was due to the fact that the installation was running on a virtualised environment on a laptop that had gone into some sort of hibernation/sleep mode. Whist the client login worked fine the listener restart allowed the deployment to work correctly.
CMS-XML "Connecting to backend failed. Tomcat is probably not started or is listening on the wrong port " error in isapi_redirect.log file
The complete error from the C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\ log \isapi_redirect. log file is:
CMS-XML DIM12: DMDBA reports DM_ROOT symbol not found and/or listener fails to starts as dmlsnr.exe crashes with an execption MSVCR90.DLL
Listener does not start and produces no listener logs . DMDBA reports: Error: DM_ROOT symbol is not defined
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009R2: Why are no log files created even when setting -trace and -tracedir to correct values?
A problem arose where tracing of the Dimensions listener was required so -trace and -tracedir were added to the listener.dat in order to generate the logs. However following an attempted restart of the listener no logs were produced in the target directory specified by -tracedir.
CMS-XML Dim14: SDP Tracing: How to enable SDP tracing without restarting Dimensions CM Listener
To enable, from the Desktop Client Console window or when logged into DMCLI, run the following command: set sdp_trace on /user_directory=<drive:\path to a directory> Once this is set, reproduce the issue which you wish to trace.
CMS-XML Dim: How to enable a listener trace
Modify or add the lines -trace and -tracedir. Make sure the lines are uncommented, and tracedir must have a full path (ending with a slash) to the location where the log will be stored. The directory must already exist, and it must be writable by the Listener.
CMS-XML Dim 14: Pulse returns a 404 error with "IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection" in the log
were created using "localhost" rather than the name of the machine. Once the files were changed to include the name of the machine the Oracle TNS listener was restarted, Tomcat was restarted and the process connected and created the schema with no problems. Connections to Pulse after that succeeded.
CMS-XML Dim: ORA: Cannot start Oracle listener - TNS-12555: TNS:permission denied
Following was from the truss log : 5004: write(1, " C o n n e c t i n g t".., 70) = 70
CMS-XML KB-DIM12.2: Items are not deployed, with no error shown on screen, neither logs created.
log_dir value in the deploy_config.dat file has the wrong value, notice that this value should have the forward slashes instead of the backslashes (C:/temp/), so if you have a location there showing backslashes change them, and restart the dimension listener and attempt the deploy again.
CMS-XML Dim 10: meaning of the Z/os messages in the Dim Z/os agent log
Dimensions Z/OS Listener Startup Messages =================================== 1. Overview
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