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CMS-XML Dim14: Using DM_SDP_TRACE to check for problems using the Dimensions CM Auto Update facility
A little further down the file you should see lines like these where the Installation Packages that you created using the CIP command are being read from the database. Here we can see that two client installation packages for have been found, one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit operating systems:
CMS-XML DIM14.2: Installing Eclipse plug-in (rich integration) in Windows 8/2012
However, there is a workaround which is to run the installer in compatibility mode. See the following for more information: 2) You will need to ensure you have Java JRE 7 or 8 32bit installed , if you have Java 7/8 64bit installed in your machine it will fail.
CMS-XML DA: How to utilize 64-bit PowerShell from a 32-bit DA Agent
On a 64-bit Windows machine, some of the PowerShell snap-ins and functions are only configured into the 64-bit PowerShell. If a 32-bit DA Agent process attempts to invoke PowerShell, the PowerShell process will try to use a 32-bit PowerShell -- even if you specifically give it the path to the 64-bit PowerShell image. This makes it difficult or impossible to use some of these snap-ins, such as the Web-Administration commands.
CMS-XML Dim12.x: Which version of Tomcat is package with Dimensions 64bit installations : 32 or 64 bit?
32 Bit Tomcat.
CMS-XML Dim 10: Red Hat Linux 64 bit agent install tips when the agent does not start and there are no errors
Bourne Shell $ cd /opt/serena/ dimensions /10.1/cm/prog Run the following command
CMS-XML Dim14: "Error:- invalid DM_ROOT setting: (null)" - following upgrade from Dimensions CM 14.1 to
In this case the machine where Dimensions was installed was Windows 2008 64-bit and had both server and client components installed .
CMS-XML Dim12: New 12.2.2 install on RH machine: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32
Problem is due to the fact that Oracle is 32bit running on a 64bit Linux machine. Currently this setup is not supported. This was resolved by installing the Oracle Instant client and setting the ORACLE_HOME in $DM_ROOT/ to point to the instant client instead.
PDF Common Problems Encountered when Installing DA Agent
The most common cause of this error on Linux and Unix systems is that the compatibility libraries are not installed on the system. Although the installation kit may be installing a 64-bit Agent , the install kit itself is a 32-bit application and therefore the 32-bit compatibility libraries must be installed . Depending on the Operating System and version involved, a command like the following may help with this:
CMS-XML KM-Dim14.2: Replacement instructions for Dimensions CM 14.2 Build 9417 and Build 9420 Server installations.
Only the Dimensions CM Server installer is impacted. You do not need to reinstall your clients or agents .
CMS-XML Dim12.1: PAM authentication errors on AIX
If Dimensions CM 12.1 Server or Agent is installed on an AIX 6.1 64-bit platform , and set it up for PAM authentication; customer has set up PAM service dimensions_cm in pam.conf and added "DM_PAM_SERVICE_NAME dimensions_cm" parameter to dm .cfg. However, when trying to set up deployment area, or running remote node authentication, it returns authentication errors. PAM traces contain the following errors (to authenticate user 'dmsys'):
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