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CMS-XML DA: Is it possible to pass the Maven Source Config Type Group ID and Artifact ID values as part of the process?
Is it possible to pass the Maven Source Config Type Group ID and Artifact ID values as part of the component process? The documentation only mentions ${} and ${}.
CMS-XML Deployment Automation 6.2: Supporting files for Creating Custom External Source Configuration Types
You can create your own external source configuration types to use for your components in DA 6.1.5 and later. This KB item is for DA 6.2. If you are using DA 6.1.5, see the related KB item, S142231 .
CMS-XML DS2DIM migration - Steps to properly configure the Item Types in Dimensions
For example, if one of the file types you are migrating has an extension of .java, the file matching pattern will result in items of type SRC being created for those files.
PDF Deployment Automation Artifactory Tutorial (DA 6.1.4)
 In DA go to Management | Components click on Create Component  Specify the following values for: o Name: ArtComp1 o Source Config Type : Artifactory – Folder Based o Server URL: http://localhost:8081/artifactory o Username: admin o Password: password o Repository: example-repo-local SDA 6.14 Artifactory Tutorial Page 9
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to configure Process Modeller to control Power Builder items
PCMS Process Modeller (one time setup per base database): 1. In PCMS Modeller, add item type called Project, attribute = ide_validset (#4), attach valid set = ide_project (this valid set is created by ide setup (start > program > pcms > ide setup)), attach lifecycle for source to item type project. 2. Be sure you have the role of Developer in PCMS Modeller.
CMS-XML Single Source Login and Firefox
To allow Firefox to pass-thru login credentials, you have to modify the about:config preferences for Firefox. To see these preferences, type about: config in the URL/Address line. Two preferences provide the pass-thru behavior:
CMS-XML Version Manager HOST login source does not work on Linux when the OS is configured to use winbind or SSSD
When this happens, users may get errors like: You cannot access this project because no valid login source is available Please contact your Serena administrator for further assistance.
CMS-XML Perforce Connector will not load if missing required DLLs
The Perforce Connector will not appear in the Type dropdown when trying to add a defect tracking source in Perforce Defect Tracking Gateway (P4DTG) Configuration Editor if required DLLs are missing on the server. Many of these DLLs are installed with Serena Business Mashups so this problem can occur if P4DTG is installed on a server that does not have SBM installed.
CMS-XML SDA: Unable to import versions from PVCS Version Manager
A component was created in SDA with Source Config Type of PVCS. When an attempt was made to import versions from PVCS nothing happened, there were no messages on screen to indicate failure or warnings as to what the problems were that prevented the versions from being imported.
CMS-XML How do you control the list of attributes given in the View Designer
The list of attributes that show in the View Designer come from the Configuration | Type Setup screen on the Attributes tab. All of the existing attributes are given on the left. The attributes on the right are available for use with this investment type.
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