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CMS-XML Installing the web client applet for PVCS Version Manager on UNIX and Linux does not give the option to install as a non-administrator
On non-Windows platforms, the user installing the applet needs to have permissions to write to the browser's installation directory, as the installer needs to put a shared library in there. A possible option would be to have a user with access to this directory (eg. "root") install the applet once.
CMS-XML DimCM: Web Client and Admin Console reload Java applet on every operation / action, resulting in 15-20 sec delays.
After further analysis this behavior is caused by Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 anti-virus running in the background. It seems that this A/V software rescans applets both inside and outside a windows virtual machine. Once this was disabled Kaspersky A/V the Web Client response time returned to normal.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: About Dimensions web client applet installation
Therefore it is no longer written to c:\winnt\java\lib ( or some equivalent dir in 98 / XP) where admin rights are required, but instead in user's temp location where users have full rights. If customer is having problems with the applet, most likely it's not file perms but IE perms. Also note that if you previously chose to "always trust Serena" you will no longer get the trust prompt, and the applet will be delivered silently.
CMS-XML How to preserve Path Map settings and the VM I-Net applet configuration when upgrading Version Manager or moving to a different server
Preserving Servlet Definitions: Windows proceeding to the next step. Next, launch the Version Manager Application Server Admin utility (vpadmin ) and make sure the "Location of Netscape Configuration Files" and/or "Location of Microsoft IIS Scripts Directory" matches the desired location for the new server installation (as they too will be inherited from
CMS-XML DIM10: Unable to launch web client or admin console after install/upgrade
dav dim_ applet dim_images
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: When logging in through the Web Client or Admin Console, the login screen just cycles back to itself.
dmtool dim_ applet -rw-r--r--
CMS-XML How To: Uninstalling the VM Server Applet
How To: Uninstalling the VM Server Applet
CMS-XML How to manually install the VM I-Net applet
How to manually install the VM I-Net applet
CMS-XML Support: VMINET 6.x Applet pieces downloaded for each browser
Support: VMINET 6.x Applet pieces downloaded for each browser
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to remove the INET applet.
KM-Dim7: How to remove the INET applet .
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